MBox USB audio interface

MBOX Studio

Bring professional recording power to your personal studio. Powered by Pro Tools Studio, the MBOX Studio USB audio interface provides everything you need to make music and more. From finding inspiration and composing ideas to recording, monitoring, and mixing the next big hit, its intuitive design puts pure creative power at your fingertips, reducing your time to fun.

Sound incredible with a powerful USB audio interface

MBOX Studio is designed with only the highest quality components, preamps, and audio converters in its class, enabling you to capture and mix up to 24-bit, 192 kHz audio from input to output. Variable Z opens up a whole range of tonal options. And with built-in real-time EQ, delay, and reverb, plus independent cue mixing, you can deliver your best performances with low-latency tracking.

Quickly bring your ideas to life

Easily create, record, edit, and mix music, plus podcast and live stream, without technology getting in the way.

  • Access a full range of functions right from the interface to keep your creativity flowing
  • Capture and mix music in pristine sound quality with four mic preamps and premium convertors, with the ability to connect eight mics
  • Record with mics, instruments, effects, and more with 21 x 22 simultaneous I/O— see more features

A guitar player’s dream

With Variable Z on instrument inputs, you can change up the tone of your guitar when recording direct to complement your effects chain. Play through the world’s greatest amps with Eleven MK II, bx_rockrack, tons of emulated stompbox effects, and more included. Integrate your own outboard effects. Reamplify tracks. And stay pitch-perfect with the built-in tuner.

Why choose MBOX STUDIO

    • William Wittman

      “MBOX Studio is an excellent piece of kit and most definitely a serious contender, and quite possibly the best choice, in its price range.”

    • Rich Tozzoli

      “We got a lot of music done in a short period of time, and it sounded great... All of us involved would take this rig into battle anytime.”

    • Graeme Hague

      “MBOX Studio isn’t yet another audio interface. It’s a departure with plenty to commend it… This is a powerful and well-featured device that’s deservedly in the upper echelon of DAW interfaces.”

    • Reid Stefan

      “I prefer the preamps on the MBOX [Studio]… The brightness and clarity [of the vocals] was more pronounced… This is one of the best new interfaces in the game!”


      “MBOX Studio has the modern musician in mind... For workflow and getting ideas down, it was very easy to let the music flow.”

    How to Buy

    Limited Time: Includes a $599 Pro Tools Studio perpetual
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    Whats Included

    What's Included

    See what’s included with you MBOX Studio USB interface
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    getting started

    Getting Started

    Get up and running fast with these MBOX Studio tutorials
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      • It all starts here

        Plugin in and play right away with Pro Tools Studio, MBOX Ignition Pack, Melodyne and more. The perfect box for connecting real instruments with virtual instruments, MBOX can handle beats, entire bands, podcasts, livestreams and more 

      • Gen Z’s MBOX 

        Built with the modern creator in mind, MBOX lets you map its buttons to access your favorite actions, jam with your iPhone over Bluetooth, and supports workflows for podcast or livestream with Loopback mixing. 

      • Work across DAWs 

        MBOX gives you the freedom to create where you like. Compatible with most major DAWs, content creation, and media streaming apps.  

      • Best in class monitoring 

        Track and monitor performances like a commercial studio with outputs for two headphones, two stereo sets of speakers, and Bluetooth. Plus, cue mixing and a built-in talkback mic.  

      • Perform actions at the press of a button 

        Along with dedicated switches and encoders to control a variety of functions, you can perform frequently used actions fast using four assignable user buttons.  

      • Get a copy of Pro Tools Studio

        In addition to being able to use the DAW of your choice, Pro Tools Studio is included with MBOX. Pro Tools is the common language shared among audio professionals and enables you to work with audio, MIDI, notation and 4K video all in one application. Learn more or Try Pro Tools

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