NOVEMBER 8, 2022

MBOX Studio at AES NYC

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The pandemic of 2020 left many changes in its wake. It affected the way we interact and forced us into our homes and studios to look for new ways to collaborate and stay in touch. Home studios thrived, and for many of us, it left more time to write and record music and create content. One thing that unfortunately took a hiatus was live events, and not just live music, but also trade shows. Concerts are back in full swing. Just look at the success of the Stadium Tour during the summer of 2022 with Def Leppard, Mötely Crüe, Poison, and Joan Jett! Trade shows are also making a comeback with AES NYC 2022 being no exception.

We had the opportunity to launch two new products at AES NYC 2022, including Pro Tools | Carbon Pre and the reimaged MBOX Studio. Since my world is MBOX Studio, that’s pretty much the section of the booth I lived at for the two-day duration of the show. Audio presales manager, Gil Gowing, and I were overwhelmed by the positive reception given by the thousands of customers coming to visit us and see the MBOX Studio. October 19th was the day we market-launched MBOX Studio, so most people were pleasantly surprised upon arrival at the Avid booth who spotted our display and wanted a closer look at the new MBOX Studio.

MBOX Studio

MBOX Studio audio interface is at AES 2022 in NYC

I have to say it absolutely felt great to be able to connect with fellow musicians and content creators in person again. There’s something about in-person, face-to-face, that Zoom—as amazing as it is—can’t replicate. MBOX Studio is also a product you need to see, touch, and hear live to fully appreciate. When you pick it up, push buttons, and turn knobs, you can clearly feel that it’s a professional piece of gear. You should also always trust your own ears! I encourage you to reach out to your local Avid representative and/or partner to get a live demo. If you’re not able to, there are many great ways to experience MBOX Studio virtually.

MBOX Studio audio interface being held at AES 2022 in NYC

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