APRIL 5, 2023

Real-Time Media Ingest Control for Remote Workflows

MediaCentral |Acquire UI

Keeping up with the increasing demand for quality content isn’t easy. Tight deadlines, distributed teams, changing audience behavior all add to the challenge. At Avid, we are always searching for ways to develop and refine our solutions to help you meet your content needs. That’s why we created MediaCentral | Acquire to provide secure, real-time remote media ingest control to make your workflows easier, faster, and more collaborative.

Available as an app in the web-based MediaCentral | Cloud UX, MediaCentral | Acquire enables production teams to gain instant access to recorded media, even when it is still being ingested. You can preview incoming feeds, schedule media ingest in real time, record, view media while it is being ingested, and securely control more ingest sources remotely from anywhere.

“Media companies face increasing competition for viewers and continued pressure to quickly and efficiently deliver more compelling content,” says David Colantuoni, Avid’s Vice President of Product Management for Video and Media Solutions. “MediaCentral is the industry’s leading platform for enterprise content creation. With every software update, we unlock new levels of creativity and operational efficiency, empowering our media enterprise customers to deliver better content to their viewers in less time than ever before.”

An essential tool for newsroom production, live production, and sports production, MediaCentral | Acquire offers many benefits.

Fast and efficient ingest control

MediaCentral | Acquire is designed to provide a fast and efficient media ingest process. It enables users to capture media content from different sources quickly and bring them into a single platform with integrated router control. This helps to save time and streamline media production workflows.

Easily manage and schedule media ingest remotely

Access this new web-based app from your production system securely from anywhere. Simplify your feed, IP stream, and video-over-IP ingest requirements from one location. Increase efficiency and remote collaboration for a more effective workflow. View current recordings, as well as completed and planned recordings.

Enable remote scheduling

Schedule the ingest of feeds and the production team can start working on the recorded material immediately. You can do fast check-in of recordings, preview streams prior to recording, view streams and feeds while they are ingesting, and adjust metadata during recording. Enable crash recordings, timed recordings, and scheduled recordings for SDI and IP workflows from FastServe with support for RTMP compressed IP stream ingesting in the required house codec.

Connect your team, wherever they are

Enable team members to instantly and securely connect from anywhere, ingest feeds into Avid NEXIS shared storage, and edit these growing files with a wide choice of editing tools - MediaCentral | Cloud UX, Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro. Collaboration, graphics, and publishing features allow you to quickly produce and deliver high-quality highlights to any Platform – on-air, social and online.

Gain Flexibility

MediaCentral | Acquire automates ingest scheduling for SDI and IP sources by controlling FastServe | Ingest, FastServe | I/O, and MediaCentral | Stream. MediaCentral | Acquire also enables Edit While Capture workflows for faster turnaround and ingest control from anywhere using only a web browser. Capture livestreams from remote locations with minimal latency and high-quality output.

Gain financial flexibility with a subscription

MediaCentral is customizable, enabling you to configure and scale a solution with just the workflows, tools, and capabilities you need. This makes it easy to adapt quickly to changing production requirements and optimize spend for each component based on its usage, which can be changed as needed during your subscription.

These are just a few of the many innovative capabilities offered through MediaCentral | Acquire that can accelerate production on-premises and in the cloud. Streamline workflows, save time and resources, and improve efficiency with MediaCentral | Acquire.


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