JANUARY 20, 2022

Hybrid workflows and storycentric – the future of news?

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A leading media technologist has set out the challenges facing the news industry—and how the cloud, subscription, security, and new ways of working will all play a part.   

In the next episode of the Making the Media Podcast, host Craig Wilson talks with Ali Husseini, Director of Broadcast Operations and Creative Services at Al Araby Network, who outlines his vision for the way news teams can take advantage of new technologies.

On the podcast, Ali discusses how Al Araby is in the process of moving their operation from London, UK, to Doha, Qatar, and how he sees the future of news. “News does not happen in one room in a building in a closed box. News is important. News is field. News is bureaus. News is the world outside. So what we want really is to have this cloud infrastructure where all my contributors, all my collaborators, all my journalists or my reporters and correspondents are available wherever they are. All they need— the mobile device, a laptop and an internet— and they can write their scripts, do whatever they want, do the edit, browse, access archive, which is a very important part, do their rough cuts, and send it back to location for a final distribution.”


Ali also describes how story-centric news workflows can deliver more content to more platforms.We need to centralize, virtualize, make it smooth and accessible, our production infrastructure, so that I can send to digital platforms, social platforms or TV platforms, linear broadcast platforms without having any issues or separation with my core production infrastructure. I don't want to divide my newsrooms, I want a coherent newsroom, coherent contributors, collaborate so that they can do a product in multiple versions and multiple ways of editing visual effects, something with narration for broadcast, something without narration for digital working on the same infrastructure that they can collaborate between each other.

Find out more on the next episode of the podcast, available on all major podcast platforms on Monday, January 24.

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