Avid Learning Partner | Online Extension Program


Students today are immersed in digital technology. At Avid, we understand the challenges educators face in delivering quality education in new and innovative ways.

The ALP Online Extension program empowers Avid Learning Partners with the freedom to innovate their delivery of Avid Certification courses through the use of online, mobile and blended learning models.

Through the ALP Online Extension, you can:

  • Create training materials using the official Avid course materials
  • Add Avid certification to your online class offerings
  • Offer your students more flexibility in completing their degree requirements
  • Teach more students without increasing lab space or physical infrastructure

Don’t limit your students! Sign up today and expand your Avid certification program online.

Those new to Avid Education who want to offer online training and certification must first of all apply to join the ALP program via the link below. Existing ALPs should contact their Regional Education support team.