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Avid Certifications

Real skills, proven

Avid Certification helps professionals attain and demonstrate the skills and credentials they need to increase their value, competency, and efficiency in the highly competitive media industry.

Recognized by top music, post-production, movie, television, and broadcast facilities worldwide, Avid Certification serves as validation of a person’s expertise as a:

  • User
  • System Administrator
  • Avid Certified Support Representative (ACSR) 
  • Instructor
  • Developer

Avid Certification gives employers peace of mind, ensuring that they have the in-house skills and competencies to fully harness and manage their investment in Avid products and solutions

Each Avid Certification is backed by a range of training and skill development options that help individuals prepare for the Certification exam. From publicly scheduled and private classes to eLearning—both Virtual Instructor Led and Blended Learning—these flexible learning options enable individuals and teams to cost effectively broaden and validate their competencies however, wherever, and whenever is best for them.

Certification Benefits

Avid certification provides several tangible benefits to both certified individuals and organizations.

For individuals, Avid certification provides

  • Industry recognition of proven expertise in a given Avid product or role
  • The ability to advance your career with measurable value to employers
  • Entry in Avid's Certification Registry accessible via the Find a Certified Professional online listing, as well as a Certificate of Achievement
  • A certification logo to add to marketing materials, websites, business cards to differentiate yourself and your organization
  • Access to the ACSR technical community for peer to peer communication (ACSRs only)

For employers, Avid certification provides

  • Ability to find the right person for the job, quickly assessing candidate skill level
  • Confidence in your teams ability’s and skills with Avid solutions
  • Capability to invest in and promote your most promising employees
  • Greater system performance, with little to no downtime

Audio Certifications

Expand your career opportunities with proven audio expertise

Official training on our suite of audio products consists of a full curriculum to help you become proficient in operating and supporting our tools in a fast-paced professional environment. Take individual courses to build a particular skill, or brush up on your overall expertise. Then work towards certification as a Pro Tools Operator, Pro Tools Expert, Avid VENUE Operator, and more. Whatever path you choose, you’ll gain industry-recognized skills and connect with peers who share similar interests and abilities.

Take the first step toward becoming an Avid Certified professional by attending a class at Avid or at an Avid Learning Partner location. For more information, choose a certification from the list below.

Media Composer Certifications

Expand your creative editing opportunities

Our official Media Composer training opens the door to unmatched creative and career opportunities. Back up your training investment with industry-recognized Media Composer certification. By becoming certified, you’ll be joining a community of editors just like you, where you’ll get advice, hear about real-world projects, and expand your personal and professional network.

Our Media Composer certification is comprised of two levels. Take the first step toward becoming a Certified User by attending a class at Avid or at an Avid Learning Partner location. For more information, choose a certification from the list below.

media storage Certifications

Maximize efficiency

From small boutique shops to massive media enterprises, Avid media storage systems offer the speed, scalability and reliability for even the most demanding media productions. Avid media storage training and certifications are designed to maximize your efficiency and ROI by equipping key personnel with the skills they need to keep these systems humming at peak performance.

Mediacentral Certifications

Make the most of your media

To be successful, media organizations need professionals who can efficiently use, organize, integrate, and administrate their MediaCentral systems to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced media industry, while boosting ratings and increasing revenue.

With Avid Certification available for MediaCentral, current and prospective employees can improve and clearly demonstrate that they have the skills and competencies to contribute real benefits to the business in their role. Whether you’re hiring or are in the workforce, Avid Certification helps you raise the standard of performance.

Avid’s MediaCentral certifications span our Cloud UX, Production Management, Asset Management and Newsroom Management product offerings.

Avid Certified System Administrator

Proven administrative skills to maximize your systems performance

Avid’s media storage and asset management systems are best-in-class and easy to use. To get the best performance, and maximum up-time, invest in Avid Certified System Administration training and certification.

Avid Certified Support Representative (ACSR)

Reaching the highest level in Avid technical proficiency

To maximize the return on your investment in Avid products and solutions, it’s critical to have the skills and capabilities to install, manage, troubleshoot, and support the technical environment. Whether you want to obtain an individual Certification for your specific needs, or achieve full ACSR Elite status, the multi-level and progressive Avid Certified Support Representative (ACSR) program validates technical proficiency with Avid products and solutions through to the highest level.

ACSR Certification is achieved by passing the relevant Certification exams. However, Avid’s blended training options (eLearning and Virtual Class) provide the optimal way to develop the skills and capabilities not only to become Certified, but to deliver real value and business benefit back in the work environment.

Elite Sup Rep Path-13

Recertification Programs

Keeping your ACSR Certification current

Once you’ve invested time and resources into becoming an ACSR, it’s important to maintain your Certification status. This demonstrates that your skills and capabilities are current, and allows you to access the wealth of premium-level technical content made available to ACSR’s—plus participate and benefit from interaction with your peers in the global ACSR community.

Training attendance is not mandatory for recertification. However, our blended Recertification training and exam classroom and virtual class options make it easier and faster to maintain your ACSR status.

For more information on ACSR Recertification please review the individual Certification details via the links above, or contact:


developer certification

Design solutions for the industry's most revolutionary media platform

Want to create products that work within the Avid MediaCentral ecosystem? Avid Certified Developer training materials are designed to teach you everything you need to create solutions using the Avid Toolkit. Learn at your own pace—whenever and wherever you want—and get the certification you need to design for the media industry’s leading technology platform.

Avid Certified Developer

Our Avid Certified Developer program is designed for those who are interested in creating plugins and connectors that work within the Avid MediaCentral ecosystem. If you are interested, you will need to register and complete a short quiz. Upon successful completion, we will send you information that pertains to the products and solutions you’re interested in developing, such as AAX audio plugins for Pro Tools and Avid VENUE, or bus-level APIs for the MediaCentral ecosystem. If you are a company looking to develop for the Marketplace, at least one staff member must be certified.

Get certified

To learn more about getting certified as an Avid Certified Developer, please email:


Developer programs

Check out our developer programs for audio plugins and Interplay web services

AAX audio plugins
Interplay web services