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CX100 MediaCentral | Cloud UX for Users
CX100EL MediaCentral | Cloud UX for Users eLearning
CX300 MediaCentral | Cloud UX Platform System Administration
CX454 ACSR MediaCentral | Cloud UX System Support
CX464VC ACSR MediaCentral | Cloud UX Recertification (Virtual Classroom)
EM101EL MediaCentral | Editorial Management User Basics (eLearning)
FS215 FastServe | Ingest System Administration
IC102 Recording with Interplay | Capture
IC202 Administering Interplay | Capture
IN100EL iNEWS User Basics (eLearning)
IN101 An Introduction to iNEWS
IN200 iNEWS Superuser Database Design
IN300 iNEWS System Administration
IN300VC iNEWS System Administration (Virtual Classroom and Live Student Labs)
Inside The Edit's Creative Editing Course (eLearning)
MAM101 MAM Operational Support Training Preparation & Delivery
MAM200 MAM Super User Training
MAM215 MediaCentral | Asset Management System Administration
MAM216 MediaCentral | Archive System Administration
MAM300 MAM Technical Support Training Preparation & Delivery
MAM470 ACSR MediaCentral | Asset Management System Support
MC101 Media Composer Fundamentals I
MC110 Media Composer Fundamentals II
MC201 Media Composer Professional Editing I
MC210 Media Composer Professional Editing II
MC239 Color Grading with Media Composer and Symphony
MC400 Avid Media Composer System Support
MC410VC ACSR Avid Media Composer System Support Recertification (Virtual Classroom)
MD100EL Maestro | Designer Basics (eLearning)
MD101 Maestro | Designer Basics
MD101EL Maestro | Designer Basics (eLearning)
MD204 Using and Administering Avid Media | Director
ME215 Maestro | Engine System Administration
ME400 ACSR Maestro | Engine System Support
ML101 Maestro | Live Basics
MN101 Maestro | News Basics
MN101 Maestro | News Basics (eLearning)
MN201 Maestro | News Advanced
MN201EL Maestro | News Advanced (eLearning)
NC120 News Editing with Media Composer
NET111EL Avid Networking Basics (eLearning)
NET112EL Advanced Networking for Avid Shared Storage NEXIS/ISIS (eLearning)
NX216 Avid NEXIS System Administration
NX216EL Avid NEXIS System Administration (eLearning)
NX423 ACSR Avid NEXIS System Support
NX440VC ACSR Avid NEXIS System Support Recertification (Virtual Classroom)
PT101 Pro Tools Fundamentals I
PT110 Pro Tools Fundamentals II
PT130 Pro Tools for Game Audio
PT201 Pro Tools Production I
PT210D Pro Tools | Dolby Atmos Production
PT210M Pro Tools Production II (Music Production)
PT210P Pro Tools Production II (Post Production)
PT301S6 Essential Pro Tools | S6 Mixing Techniques
PT310M Advanced Music Production Techniques
PT310P Advanced Post Production Techniques
PT310S6 Advanced Pro Tools | S6 Mixing Workflows
PT400 ACSR Pro Tools System Support
PT410VC ACSR Pro Tools System Support Recertification (Virtual Classroom)
PT430S6 ACSR Pro Tools | S6 System Support
PT440S6VC ACSR Pro Tools | S6 System Support Recertification (Virtual Classroom)
SB101 Sibelius Fundamentals I
SB110 Sibelius Fundamentals II
SO110 Sonnox Elite Plugins Fundamentals
VE110S6L Avid VENUE Fundamentals
VE210S6L Avid VENUE Production
VE400 ACSR Avid VENUE | S6L System Support
VE410VC ACSR Avid VENUE | S6L System Support Recertification (Virtual Classroom)
VT101EL Video Theory (eLearning)
WG103 Introduction to Interplay | Access
WG201 Avid Interplay for Editors
WG202CO Avid iNEWS | Command
WG213 Avid Interplay System Administration
WG213EL MediaCentral | Production Management Administration Basics eLearning
WG357 Avid NEXIS & Interplay | Production for Administrators
WG433 ACSR Avid MediaCentral | Production Management System Support
WG443VC ACSR Avid Interplay System Support Recertification (Virtual Classroom)