Avid Technical Certifications: Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I have to do to become certified?

Certification as either an Avid Certified | System Administrator or Avid Certified | Support Representative (ACSR) is awarded solely based on passing the applicable certification exam. Course attendance is optional, though highly recommended.

Is the class required for certification?

No. Avid highly recommends, but does not require, the certification training course. If you have the equivalent skills gained through significant hands-on experience, you may choose to register directly for the certification exam.

How do I prepare to take the certification?

Although optional, certification candidates are highly encouraged to take the applicable Avid courses (and suggested prerequisites) with the certification exam at the end of the course.

Technical certification courses take a blended learning approach, with online pre-learning required prior to attending a virtual instructor-led workshop with hands-on exercises – all of which offer the in-depth training and practical experience required to build your skills in preparation for certification.

Is there any information about what is covered on the exam?

The certification exam includes multiple choice questions covering the full domain expertise required for the applicable certification. An exam study guide is available for all Technical Certifications to provide you with information on what topics are covered in the exam, including sample questions, and to help you assess your own readiness. The study guides are accessible from each of the individual certification pages on Avid.com.

Where and when are the certification courses and exams offered?

Technical certification courses are offered via both Avid Learning Services (VILT only) and Avid Learning Partners. Find a Class now.

Exams are offered via both Avid online proctored sessions and Avid Learning Partners. Contact Avid Learning Services for details on exam locations and schedules.

How much does certification cost?

All prices, including the cost of the exam and the recommended courses, are set according to currency values in specific countries and regions. Please contact Avid Learning Services or your local Avid Learning Partner for details.

What do I have to do to maintain certification?

Avid Certified | System Administrator:
These certifications are all version-specific to the applicable Avid product software and/or hardware. Once you have achieved certification status, you are not required to recertify to maintain your certification. However, we recommend that you update and recertify your capabilities for each version by taking and successfully completing the latest exam to show that your skills are current.

Avid Certified | Support Representative:
ACSR certifications are required to recertify once per year. Once you have made the investment to become an ACSR, maintaining your certification enables you to demonstrate that your skills and capabilities are current, plus continue your participation and interaction with peers within the global ACSR community. Recertification is also required to keep any commercial and/or support benefits realized for your ACSR status.

Recertification does not mandate training course attendance. However, Avid’s blended online recertification training makes it easier and faster to maintain your ACSR status. Contact Avid Learning Services for the latest details.

If you have any other questions, please contact Avid Learning Services

What are the support and commercial benefits of having an active ACSR on my team?

In an enterprise environment, Avid Certified | Support Representatives are expected to be the first line of defense keeping your facility and Avid systems running smoothly, including acting as first level of support for your fellow employees and Avid users. When the support needs exceed the abilities of your local ACSR, one of the key benefits of active ACSR certification is prioritized access to Avid’s Customer Care organization. If your enterprise qualifies based on product-specific and active ACSRs working on your staff, you may be eligible for further commercial benefits. Please consult your local Avid partner or account management team for details.

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