Pro Tools | DigiLink I/O License

Use your existing audio interfaces with Pro Tools Ultimate

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Pro Tools DigiLink I/O License

Use your non-Avid DigiLink-enabled audio interfaces with a new Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native system and get the same high I/O channel count capabilities offered by our Pro Tools | HD Series interfaces. Simply purchase a Pro Tools | DigiLink I/O License.

With this license, you can work with up to 192 audio I/O channels with a three-card Pro Tools | HDX system (64 I/O channels per card), or up to 64 I/O channels with Pro Tools | HD Native. This license effectively doubles the maximum I/O for all non-Avid interfaces in your system, compared with using Core Audio or ASIO.

Pro Tools | DigiLink I/O license is included with Pro Tools Ultimate software versions 2022.4 and later and does not have to be purchased separately.


  • Work with up to 192 input channels using Pro Tools | HDX (with 3 cards)
  • Access up to 64 input channels using Pro Tools | HD Native

  • Double your maximum I/O channels over using Core Audio or ASIO
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