Media Composer | Cloud VM vs. Media Composer | Cloud Remote

Take a closer look at the advantages of each

If you’ve been following the latest Avid news, you may have heard about Media Composer | Cloud VM, a new Media Composer license offering we recently announced. You might have also noticed that we recently renamed our existing Media Composer | Cloud product to Media Composer | Cloud Remote. While these names sound similar, here’s a quick look at how they compare and contrast.

Media Composer | Cloud VM Media Composer | Cloud Remote

What is it?

Media Composer | Cloud VM is a new product license offering available for Media Composer—much like a subscription or perpetual license. This license provides a virtualized version of Media Composer, enabling anyone in your facility to access the software virtually using a workstation, laptop, or zero client with a high-speed network connection.

Media Composer | Cloud Remote is a software option that works in concert with MediaCentral and Media Composer software. It enables Media Composer users—no matter where they’re located—to connect to your main facility or data center over a high-speed Internet connection to access, transcode, upload, check in, download, share, edit, and collaborate on projects and media remotely in real time.

It’s ideal for….

  • Facilities who want to gain efficiency and reduce costs by virtualizing their post-production environment
  • Editors who need the full Media Composer toolset, but are using an older computer
  • Broadcast and post-production facilities working primarily in 30 fps or lower
  • Working scenarios where network connection and performance is a variable, such as on-set production or in-field news-gathering
  • Productions that require embedded media upload or delivery to/from the facility, such as uploading footage from the field

The setup

CloudVM_Diagram MC Cloud Remote

Workflow access

On premises only through a high-speed network connection

On premises and in the cloud through a network, Wi-Fi, or 4G connection

Projects and media

  • Accessible on shared storage and/or a centralized server (no projects or media are stored or saved locally)
  • Work with local and remote media in the same timeline, while a background media delivery service syncs clips or sequences when desired
  • Files can be stored and saved locally or on centralized storage in the production facility

User benefits

  • Get access to Media Composer without needing a powerful computer or software installation
  • Edit and play back high-res, HD, and SD media from a shared source, without having to maintain local media
  • Access advanced workflows, including multicam editing, Edit While Capture functionality, and ancillary data (closed captions)
  • Connect into any production, regardless of location, and access projects and media anywhere there’s an Internet connection
  • Enjoy smooth performance—no matter how far you are from the home facility—as all media streams are bandwidth-optimized
  • Automate media transcoding, uploading, downloading, and check-in to any connected MediaCentral | Production Management system in the background—without disrupting your creative flow
  • Transfer assets while editing to turn around projects faster—even begin uploading media before a sequence is finished
  • Begin or continue working even if you’re disconnected from the facility’s network

IT benefits

  • Deploy, configure, and manage Media Composer faster, easier, and with less risk through automated processes, eliminating the need to install and maintain software on multiple machines
  • Issue software licenses on demand for instant access
  • Ensure smooth operation to all in-house and remote contributors, as intelligent playback caching normalizes any spotty or fluctuating bandwidth
  • Enable anyone with Media Composer to access and work on projects housed in your facility anywhere there’s an Internet connection
  • Enable editors, reporters, and videographers to ingest, edit, and move media fluidly between the story site and your MediaCentral | Production Management workgroup

Business benefits

  • Enable anyone in your facility to connect and start working wherever there’s a network connection
  • Get significant cost savings, as low-cost zero clients and older computers and laptops can be used to access your virtualized Media Composer—no need to keep investing in costly workstations that become obsolete
  • Increase operational efficiency while reducing maintenance and resource costs, as the software can be easily deployed, managed, and updated from a single centralized server
  • Enjoy great security benefits, as all software, projects, and media are housed at the facility—not on a local computer or client that can be stolen or compromised
  • Extend production beyond the walls of your facility, enabling teams to work wherever the story or action is
  • Enable real-time global collaboration with the most streamlined and seamless editorial workflow
  • Hire the talent you want or need, no matter where they’re located
  • Accelerate production while reducing costs, as locally acquired media and finished projects can be uploaded to the facility immediately, putting an end to the FedEx media drive shuffle
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your media and production workflows are protected in a secure private cloud
  • Scale your editing resources up as needed without having to invest in additional Media Composer licenses

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