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June 2019

Modern interface in Media Composer video editor software
Experience more inspired storytelling

Find your creative flow with a modern new interface and task-based workspaces that make organizing media and video makers more fluid and intuitive. Media Composer’s responsive smart panel design helps clear the clutter, so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most—your story.

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Edit easily with new and improved tools

From better bin handling and project access, to countless timesaving features, there’s a lot more to love about Media Composer. Plus, with input from customers and other video makers, we’ve added many of your top requests (say hello again to the weightlifter and scissors icons!).

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Work faster—the way you want

Freely resize and rearrange Media Composer interface panels to suit your editing preferences. Display and arrange the tools you want—hide what you don’t—enabling you to work more instinctively. Without the interface getting in the way.

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Finish and deliver with total color precision

Whether you do all editing, effects, and color work in Media Composer or roundtrip projects to another application, the new 32-bit floating point color pipeline and ACES color space support future-proof your content and ensure consistent color accuracy from end to end. OpenEXR decoding accelerates HDR effects work. Plus, new IMF packaging tools make OTT delivery easy.

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Rendering and transcoding offload in Media Composer movie editing software
Keep production moving

With the new Media Composer | Distributed Processing option, you can offload rendering and transcoding tasks to unused or idle networked computers, freeing up Media Composer. Keep working instead of waiting for jobs to complete. Plus, its parallel processing greatly speeds up turnaround time.

December 2018

Create more captivating titles

With the all-new titling tool, it’s now easier to create everything from simple high-res titles, to eye-catching 4K words of art that’ll draw viewers in to reading. Simply click the new titling tool icon (T+) and start typing directly in the record monitor. Because titles now act as effects (no media is created) and are resolution independent, they can be applied to any clip or track and saved as templates to a bin for easy drag-and-drop reuse.

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Accelerate multicam editing

Media Composer offers tons of updates and improvements to its entire multicam editing workflow, saving you time and money while providing a better user experience. From the ability to create groups directly from sequences, to making adjustments to multiple clips with mixed frame rates in real time, you can spend less time on prep work and get right to the creative aspects of editing faster.

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Get peace of mind—without the wait
Forget about waiting for bins to save. In response to our ACA members’ #1 feature request, Media Composer now automatically saves bins in the background, so you can keep editing without interruption. Maximize your creative time while eliminating the risk of losing your hard work and important data.
Selectively correct color
Need to adjust color on a specific part of an image separately from the image’s overall color grade? With new shape-based color correction in the Media Composer | Symphony Option, available as a subscription and included with Media Composer | Ultimate, you can isolate an area for independent adjustment by creating a shape layer, which draws a matte. Choose a preset shape or draw your own. You can also create multiple shapes in the same layer, isolate by Luma and Chroma values, and do serial and parallel correction, giving you tons of creative flexibility.
Get greater DPX performance

Experience a faster, smoother workflow when playing and editing DPX files in the timeline. With many performance improvements made under the hood, you can work with the uncompressed media more efficiently and turn around a higher volume of high-res, high-quality content faster. And because you can work directly with DPX files in real time, there’s no need to transcode formats or relink media.

September 2018

Get unlimited video playback streams

Got a powerful computer? You can now take full advantage of your CPU's power and play back complex video sequences with multiple video tracks, images, and picture-in-picture effects in their entirety, without any limitation to the number of playback streams (up to the maximum power capabilities of your computer's processing performance).

Work in full detail without the bottlenecks
When doing color and effects work, you want as much image depth, detail, and color precision as possible for the best results. Media Composer now supports uncompressed DNxHR and DNxHD video resolutions with the new Avid DNxUncompressed codec. This new 32-bit format can be used for import, transcode, mixdown, and render, enabling you to work with camera originals and apply and render color corrections and VFX while maintaining the full bit depth of the media.
Do more on the fly

You can now perform even more tasks in the timeline as clips continue to play, without interrupting playback. Solo and mute audio in any track. Adjust gain levels of any selected clip. Add timeline markers with the press of an Add Marker button in the interface or a mapped keyboard key. And control how you want the Edit Marker window to display.

Deliver finished files faster

Working with DPX files? Media Composer now exports DPX files up to 10x faster than before, greatly speeding up your finishing, packaging, and delivery workflows.

July 2018

Go Big with Media Composer Film Editing Software

Go bigger—without barriers

With new 16K project presets, you can now write and play back 16K media in their native project types. Boost your creative capabilities with support for more high frame rates and freedom from stream count limitations. And create hyper-realistic 3D and 360 VR content, as well as dramatic slow-motion sequences, with support for 120 fps video, minimizing blur and motion artifacts.

Send video over IP

Got an NDI (Network Device Interface) device? You can now send audio and video from Media Composer to any NDI-aware device over your local network. It’s ideal for simplifying the review and approval process and minimizes costs by leveraging your existing Ethernet infrastructure.

Support For NewTek in Media Composer Video Editing Application
Splice Edits in Media Composer Movie Editing Software
Splice edits onto OP1a files

Forget having to re-export an entire sequence just to make a small edit. You can now quickly replace any portion of a previously exported iFrame, XAVC-I, or OP1a DNxHD or DNxHR video file—similar to splicing into film or overwriting tape, but with a digital file. In addition, you can export XDCAM MXF OP1a files to speed your workflow.

Make changes on the fly

No need to stop and restart video playback to perform certain actions. Media Composer now enables you to access menus, reveal tool tips and highlights, switch applications, zoom in and out of the timeline, add and remove bins, expand and collapse folder views, add and adjust columns, and do much more—all without disrupting playback. With more capabilities coming soon.

Edit Easy with Media Composer Video Software for Editing
Edit more easily

Media Composer includes several new enhancements and improvements that put more flow into your workflow. Freely resize your Composer window to any dimension and aspect ratio that suits your needs. Show and hide fields and groups to streamline your view. And more.

April 2018

Accelerate workflows with included options

Designed for editorial teams and those who work collaboratively within a MediaCentral environment, Media Composer | Ultimate (formerly Media Composer—learn more) provides all the same real-time, integrated workflows you know and love, but offers even more value. You also get access to Media Composer | PhraseFind, ScriptSync, Symphony, and NewsCutter included with your 1-, 2-, or 3-year subscription.

Accelerate Workflows in Media Composer Video Editing Applications
Manage Assets with Ease Media Composer Editing Software
Manage assets with ease

For small editorial teams working with Avid NEXIS, MediaCentral | Editorial Management offers an easy and cost-effective way to manage and share Media Composer projects and media, as well as integrate editing workflows with Adobe Premiere. offers an easy and cost-effective way to manage and share Media Composer projects and media, as well as integrate editing workflows with Adobe Premiere.

Get better UHD performance

With support for four real-time streams of XAVC-I media, Media Composer delivers greater performance with high-res media, so you can spend less time rendering or transcoding media to lower resolutions.

Better UHD in Media Composer Software for Film Editing

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