Media Composer Upgrade


There’s a reason why Media Composer is the most trusted tool of editors worldwide—get the latest version today and stay on the cutting-edge of video production.

Here’s how to get it:

  • If you don’t currently have Media Composer, get it on the Avid Online Store or find a reseller.
  • With a Media Composer subscription, Software updates and standard support are included for the duration of your subscription. Check the expiration date and renew now in your Avid Master Account. There’s no penalty for early renewal, and you get a full year added to your plan.
  • If you have an active Software updates + Support plan for a Media Composer perpetual license, make sure you renew before it expires! If your Software updates + Support plan lapses, your Media Composer will become non-upgradable, and the only way to get new releases will be to add another license.
  • If you have an older Media Composer perpetual license without a Software updates + Support plan, now’s the time to grow your business by adding another Media Composer license.
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