albion one

Albion ONE

The blockbuster orchestra

An epic 109-piece orchestra and a thunderous cinematic percussion section at your fingertips, expertly recorded with world-class musicians and engineers at the world-famous Hall at AIR Studios, where the finest blockbuster film scores are recorded (Interstellar, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean). This comprehensive collection also includes wrapable loops and an enormous steam synthesizer designed by award-winning engineers, to take your orchestral writing to new dimensions. Choose from four mic positions and a huge range of articulations, including our renowned string legatos, for ultimate control and realism. Perfect for first timers and established composers and producers alike, this industry standard product is an essential collection for anyone wanting to create ultra-realistic scores or compositions with a world-class orchestra. Recorded by award-winning engineers via world-class equipment, no expense has been spared in order to capture every orchestra in the same way as the biggest film scores. We used priceless ribbon and valve mics through Neve Montserrat preamps and the largest 88R Neve console in the world, recorded onto pristine 2” tape, then converted with the finest Prism AD converters at 96k.

Discover a range of playing techniques: long notes, short notes, tremolos, pizzicatos, and our renowned string legatos, which combine adjoining samples to give ultimate musicality, and runs, where a single note triggers the recording of a section playing phrases. Each of these techniques has been captured across a range of notes, and by section (brass low, mid and high, woods high and low, and strings), giving you the flexibility to program or perform your orchestral compositions with plenty of control.

There are four mic positions (close, tree, outriggers, and ambient) to suit the type of music you’re writing and the scale you want to achieve. We also provide you with a popular 'ostinatum' designer that allows you to instantly create exciting, tense or action-packed rhythmic passages. Built to work with Native Instrument’s Kontakt Player, it’s also NKS-ready, pre-mapped and ready to play, with light guides for visual key switches, splits and mapping feedback, and hardware library browsing.

  • System Requirements
    Windows 7 and later
    Mac OS 10.7.x and later
    Pro Tools
    Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 10.x, and later
    Kontakt Player
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    Max Sample Rate
    96 kHz
    Copy Protection
    Serial Numbers
  • Specifications
    TYPE: Sample/Loop Library


  • 109 of the finest orchestral musicians
  • Recorded at the world-famous Hall at AIR Studios
  • Four microphone positions (close, tree, outriggers, ambient) for extra control
  • Darwin Percussion—cinematic orchestral percussion hits and rumbles
  • Brunel loops—warped orchestral loops
  • Stephen’s Steam Band—hybrid electronic orchestral synth engine
  • NKS ready
  • Kontakt Player


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