AudioScore Lite


AudioScore Lite

Developed by Neuratron, AudioScore Lite is a free audio transcription program included with Sibelius Ultimate and Sibelius Artist. With it, you can quickly turn CD tracks into digital notation and send to Sibelius Ultimate or Sibelius Artist for editing. In addition, you can input notes directly into Sibelius by simply singing or playing a monophonic instrument (such as a sax, trumpet, clarinet, or flute) through a microphone and then pressing a button.


The software recognizes and transcribes up to two simultaneous notes/instruments playing at the same time, up to a sixteenth note, which you can then edit before sending to Sibelius Ultimate or Sibelius Artist for further editing.


Do more with AudioScore Ultimate


Want to transcribe music from CDs, MP3s, MIDI, live polyphonic performances, and more? Get the full version of AudioScore Ultimate. Not only does Ultimate provide more ways for you to input music into Sibelius Ultimate/Sibelius Artist, it offers instrument recognition, pitch bend editing, compound time signature support, saving scores as PDFs, and other intelligent features to streamline and enhance your score writing and editing workflow.


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