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A collection of drum machines for electronic beats and grooves

You know the feeling: You can’t wait to record that beat in your head, but then, instead of quickly laying down some hot tracks, you find yourself fiddling around with the armada of knobs, buttons and faders of your average drum machine software. Once you have figured out how it all works, your original idea is long gone along with your creative fire...

That’s where Beatmaker is different: Each plug-in is a specialist for a certain sound and genre designed for minimum complexity. Guaranteed to get you producing in no time. Select instruments, add creative automated FX, shape the sound in the Master section. You have creative control over every aspect of your track. No headaches, promise!

The Beatmaker series of plugins cover the most exciting sub-genres of today’s music charts: VICE relives the 80s with Synthwave beats, VOID is for highly syncopated DnB beats, EDEN is tailored to EDM, Big Room and Rave, HUSTLE is for dirty & gritty Trap and Grime, DOPE is aimed at Boombap and Hip Hop, and HYPE features EDM, Deep House and classic Ibiza patterns.


  • MIDI drag and drop to DAW
  • More than 200 styles, over 2000 patterns
  • Sound shaping controls: Type Selector, Filter
  • Multiple audio outputs
  • 40 drum kits per Beatmaker
  • Master section: Sweep, Saturate, Maximize, Multi-band EQ, Ambience
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