Bruno/Reso TDM


Create amazing new synthesized textures using any audio input

Two powerful TDM plugins that creatively synthesize any existing audio in real time. This means any source, from vocals to drums to guitar, can instantly be transformed into a uniquely textured new sound.

Both Bruno and Reso use a cross-synthesis technique to produce rich sound across an extremely wide sonic spectrum. With up to 24 voices possible, you can create a deep layer of adjustable resonant tones. An onscreen keyboard allows you to latch the keys for sounding multiple notes.



  • Time-slice tone generation with adjustable crossfade
  • Sidechain input for control via an external audio source
  • Velocity-sensitive gain and detuning
  • Switch function produces additional textural changes


  • Harmonic resonance generation
  • Resonant lowpass filter
  • Velocity-sensitive resonance, damping, gain and detuning
  • Harmonic switching using envelope triggering or MIDI beat clock


  • Intuitive controls adjust multiple timbre, amplitude, pitch and voice characteristics
  • MIDI-controllable from an external keyboard
  • Multi-voice detuning
  • Editable ADSR envelope generator
  • Optimized to provide 24 voices on Pro Tools | HD and Pro Tools | 24 MIX systems

System requirements

Windows Windows XP and later
Mac Mac OS X and later
Pro Tools Pro Tools TDM HD, TDM HD Accel, TDM Venue (Windows only)
Max Sample Rate 96 kHz
Copy Protection Requires iLok

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