Convology XT - 17 Physical Plates

Convology XT 17 Physical Plates

8 different German 140's

Full Listing of Plates:

  • Aud (Audicon “The Plate II”)—Memphis, TN
  • TN Brick—Chicago, IL
  • EPlate I (ECOPLATE™ – trademark of Studio Technologies, Inc)—Chicago, IL
  • Eplate II—Appleton, WI
  • Eplate III—Sweden
  • German 140 Mono—Nashville, TN
  • German 140 Mono Tube—Nashville, TN
  • German 140 Valve—Slovenia
  • German 140 ST—Cleveland, OH
  • German 140 ST—Australia
  • German 140 ST—Portland, OR
  • German 140 T—Los Angeles, CA
  • German 140 T—Finland
  • German 240 (Gold Foil)—Los Angeles, CA
  • German 240 (Gold Foil)—San Francisco, CA
  • Lawson—Nashville, TN
  • Stock (Stocktronics)—Finland

  • With the physical plates, the truest and most accurate representation of the plates have been sampled. This was a massive project with engineers and studios literally from around the globe. Knowing the potential of the project, moving forward with studios who were well regarded, achieving a great deal of success in the industry, recording some of the biggest names, was very important for a number of reasons. Firstly, they know their gear, its behaviors and what works best. Secondly, the gear had been used on numerous Grammy nominated and winning productions. Lastly, knowing that time was a commodity, studios and engineers were given specific criteria in regard to how to best implement the library goals with a high standard of impulse response capture and could deliver under that criteria.


    • 17 different physical plates
    • 8 German 140s including multiple stereo or ST Versions, Valve and Tube
    • Includes virtually every known plates manufacturer
    • Files include organic, hybrid, and EQ'd samples

    System requirements

    Windows Windows 7 and later
    Mac Mac OS 10.7.x and later
    Pro Tools Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 10.x and later
    Convology XT Plugin—free* Convology XT Plugin is required for any library purchases
    Max Sample Rate 192 kHz
    Copy Protection Serial Numbers


    AAX Native

    * Download of a free Convology XT plugin is required with this purchase. The free plugin includes 70 vintage Impulse Response files, comes in VST, AU, and AAX and features a sampling of files contained in the Convology XT Library. There are no time limitations, iLok, or frustrating unlocking hoops to jump through—simply fill in the information on the licensing page and that’s all there is to it. Download your required free plugin here

    This product is tested by the Seller for support of current versions of the indicated Avid products and operating systems. For compatibility questions related to older systems, please contact the Seller.

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