CORE 2 Creator – Audio Plugin - Avid

A powerful and compact general library bundle

Bundle and save big on our highest quality sound libraries to empower your sonic storytelling. Find what you need, right when you need it with over 20,000 go-to sounds in 350 categories curated from Academy Award®-winners and top recordists including Mark Mangini (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Richard L. Anderson (Raiders of the Lost Ark).

These masterful recordings will fit naturally right into your projects without the need for additional processing or EQ. Stay in the creative zone and deliver professional quality on every project with CORE 2: Creator.

Need a way to organize and search the library?

Try SoundQ - sound library workflow software from Pro Sound Effects. Download SoundQ now and select the Free tier to organize up to 5,000 local files, get 5 free downloads from the PSE cloud library, and access the Freesound library with the in-app integration. Learn more at

Deliver your best sound on any project with CORE 2 Creator - a powerful and compact general sound effects library bundle curated from award-winners and top recordists - delivering inspiring SFX at the best value possible.

System Requirement
Pro Tools
Serial Numbers
Sound Effects Library


  • 4,800+ Files (64GB)
  • 350+ Categories: Cover any project
  • UCS Compliant: Universal Category System
  • Delivered Instantly via Download
  • 20,000+ Sounds: Avg. 4 Sounds per File
  • Descriptive Embedded Metadata
  • SoundQ Software: 1-Month Subscription
  • $795 Value if purchased separately
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