Core Production Bundle


Reveal, LowLeveler and AFMonitor

The professional's choice for ensuring quality and making sure that audio will translate to a variety of systems in a faithful and accurate way. This allows for better decisions to be made faster while adding an additional layer of quality control.

Reveal is used to hear problems in the studio before they are heard on consumer listening systems. The top row is used to listen to core frequencies the human ear finds most sensitive. The bottom row is a quick check for translation across various systems.

Low Leveler allows the user to balance bass instruments inside and outside of the core. Set bass levels with more precision than ever, whether your studio is perfectly accurate or not. AFMonitor tracks the time you spend listening to help avoid ear fatigue and the flawed decisions that come from it. Use the Core Production Bundle and it’s workflow to achieve professional quality and excellent translation.


  • Critical listening is a next generation filter designed specifically for evaluating recordings

  • Passive listening is a specialized filter for listening when you aren’t focusing attention on the audio

  • Harshness listening highlights the harsh characteristics so they can be addressed with more precision

  • Quality review emulates a home speaker system response

  • FM Curve emulates the Optima FM broadcast filtering, the most popular FM broadcast processor in the USA

  • Device is a presentation of how smaller devices will reproduce your audio

  • Mono Elements is the cleanest possible sum to mono

  • Distortion listening is an old mastering technique for hearing distortion in a two channel mix—Very effective when setting a limiter

  • Vehicle analysis is not meant to emulate a vehicle, but instead to present the most common problem areas that common vehicles accentuate—If it sounds good here, it will sound good across the most number of vehicles

  • Upper and lower bass adjustments in LowLeveler to help bass instruments translate with accuracy to all listening systems

  • Tracking of time spent listening to avoid ear fatigue with AFMonitor

System requirements

Windows Windows 7 and later
Mac Mac OS 10.8.x and later

This product is tested by the Seller for support of current versions of the indicated Avid products and operating systems. For compatibility questions related to older systems, please contact the Seller.

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