Create unearthly spaces with this unique reverb and synthetic-tail generator

Desmodus Versio is a unique parameterized reverb and synthetic-tail generator designed for creating unearthly and potentially infinite spaces. The parameters on Desmodus Versio are designed to be automated and played: spaces can be morphed from reverb to delay to complete chaos with the slide of a few faders. Three reverb algorithms affect the way the feedback path of the reverb behaves: there’s clean, distorted, and a pitch-shifting shimmer.

Not experimental enough? The Regen parameter, which controls the feedback amount, can go above 100%, creating infinite tails that never go away. Past 75%, the reverb also starts ducking based on the input signals, creating dynamic atmospheres. The parameters are designed to be automated, and can seamlessly morph between delay, reverb, and terrifying atmosphere. Desmodus Versio is designed to create spaces like you’ve never heard before. If you want a tail that shimmers, distorts, warbles, or reverberates ad infinitum, Desmodus Versio is the answer.


  • Reverb designed to create atmospheres like you’ve never heard
  • Morph seamlessly between delay and reverb with parameters designed to be automated
  • Reverb feedback can go beyond 100% and create infinite spaces that never die out
  • Randomization options are great for inspiration and creating new atmospheres quickly
  • Based on Noise Engineering’s iconic Desmodus Versio module
  • 500 presets


Windows Windows 10 and later
Mac Mac OS 10.13.x and later
Pro Tools Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 12.x and later
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