DigiTranslator 2.0


The complex process of file interchange is made simple and dependable in Pro Tools

Delivers reliable, accurate conversion and exchange of OMF, AAF, and MXF audio files, video files, and sequences directly through the Pro Tools application.

Developed in collaboration with working post production audio engineers, DigiTranslator 2.0 is packed with sophisticated conversion options. It allows translation of Avid volume data, a choice between rendered audio effects or untreated sources, options for media copying and consolidation, and export of MXF audio files.


  • Simultaneously converts audio and/or video media data

  • Specifically engineered and tested to deliver reliable interchange with Avid picture workstations

  • Choice of importing either rendered audio effects or their untreated source files

  • With Pro Tools 7.0 and higher, import or export AAF files with embedded audio

  • Integrated frame rate, sample rate and bit-depth conversion

  • Supports import/export of 24-bit OMF files

  • Translation of volume data into Pro Tools breakpoint automation playlists

  • Embedded-audio OMF sequences play back without time-consuming extractions

  • Reads and writes Broadcast WAV (.WAV) files, as well as AIFF and Sound Designer II OMF audio files

  • DigiTranslator 1.0—Stand-alone, feature-limited interchange application for use with Pro Tools (Mac OS 9 only)

  • With Pro Tools 7.0 and higher, you can import or export AAF files with embedded audio

  • Pro Tools 6.9 software supports import of MXF video, as well as import and export of MXF audio

  • Pro Tools 6.1 and higher software supports import/export of AAF sequences, the new advanced standard in media sequence interchange

  • Supports import and export of OMF media files and sequences directly into Pro Tools 6.x (TDM and LE), 5.3.x (HD), or 5.1.3 (Pro Tools|24 MIX) sessions without launching a separate application

  • Creates sample-accurate exports of Pro Tools audio and session files for Avid and other OMF 2.0- and AAF-capable systems

System requirements

Windows Windows XP and later
Mac Mac OS X and later
Pro Tools Pro Tools 7.x (HD or LE), Pro Tools 7.4 or higher (M-Powered), Pro Tools 6.x (TDM or LE), 5.3.x (Pro Tools | HD), or 5.1.3 (Pro Tools | 24 MIX)

Note: Pro Tools requires AVoption|XL, AVoption|V10, or Avid Mojo for import and playback of Avid video media.

This product is tested by the Seller for support of current versions of the indicated Avid products and operating systems. For compatibility questions related to older systems, please contact the Seller.