Drawmer TourBuss (TDM VENUE)


Take Drawmer studio dynamic effects on the road with your VENUE system

Integrates easily into the VENUE D-Show console and DSP mix engine, and because many live sound engineers already have experience using Drawmer analog gates and compressors, most will find the TourBuss suite an easy-to-use and essential addition to the VENUE environment.

Based on the industry-standard Drawmer DS201—the world’s first “frequency-conscious” noise gate, which opens to user-defined frequency bands as well as signal level. Combining aspects of both ratio-style and soft-knee compressors, the TourBuss Compressor/Limiter is equally adept at creative compression work and unobtrusive level control, all with analog-style response.

The TourBuss Expander features advanced capabilities—such as soft ratio settings—that are designed to overcome problems encountered by typical expanders when trying to distinguish between low-level sounds and background noise.

With easy set-up, the Expander is the perfect solution when you need an efficient way to raise the volume of wanted sounds that are only slightly above the noise floor. With low and high 12 dB–per-octave filters, the TourBuss Bracketing Filter lets you remove unwanted frequencies that bleed into the source without having to use a more complicated, resource-hungry equalizer.


Noise Gate

  • Variable high- and lowpass filters to achieve frequency-specific gating
  • Comprehensive envelope controls enable you to fine-tune attack, hold, decay, and range
  • Traffic gate status display and metering
  • Side-chain mode “key listen” switch lets you hear the source controlling the gate

Compressor / Limiter

  • Combines aspects of ratio-style and soft-knee compressors
  • Wide threshold range to ensure accurate compression
  • Fully adjustable ratio ranges from gentle compression to absolute limiting
  • Switchable soft/hard knee operation
  • Optional compressor bypass for limiter-only use
  • Automatic program-adaptive attack and release help to provide trouble-free setup
  • LED
  • Style display shows gain reduction


  • Advanced capabilities such as soft ratio settings overcome problems distinguishing between low-level sounds and background noise
  • Easy set-up

Bracketing filter

  • Low and high 12 dB-per-octave filters let you remove unwanted frequencies that bleed into the source

System requirements

Windows Windows XP and later
Compatibility Pro Tools TDM Venue 
Max Sample Rate 48 kHz
Copy Protection Requires iLok

This product is tested by the Seller for support of current versions of the indicated Avid products and operating systems. For compatibility questions related to older systems, please contact the Seller.

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