Eleven Rack Expansion Pack


Expanded guitar amp emulation, vocal and bass workflows, and effects

With the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack, a software add-on option for Eleven Rack*, you not only get more jaw dropping guitar amp and effects emulations to change up your tone, you can turn Eleven Rack into a powerful bass rig and vocal studio too. Capture legendary bass tones using new bass amp and cabinet models inspired by the Ampeg SVT**. Record studio-quality vocals and other instruments with the parametric EQ and studio compressor channel strip effects. And much more. Whether you’re singing or playing guitar, bass, or another instrument, you have even more tonal options to play with to get the sounds you want.

* Eleven Rack Expansion Pack is now included with Pro Tools | Eleven Rack. Before purchasing Eleven Rack Expansion Pack, check your firmware version—v2 and higher includes the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack. To check your firmware version, follow these instructions.

** Eleven Rack is not affiliated with, or sponsored or endorsed by, the owners of the Ampeg®, Fender®, Marshall®, Bogner®, Roland®, Matchless®, Celestion®, CTS, Jensen®, and Xotic® names. These names are used solely to identify the classic amplifiers/speakers/effects emulated by Eleven Rack.


  • Crank up more sonic possibilities

    Bring more versatility to your guitar tone library with new guitar amp and effects emulations
    See the full list

  • Work easily with vocals and mic'd instruments

    Capture vocals and instruments with studio-grade effects in recordings and live performances

  • Re-create the bass tones of a legend
    Get the legendary tone of the Ampeg SVT* in your recorded and live bass performances
  • Add life and new dimension in stereo
    Enhance and enliven your tone with new stereo delay, multi-chorus, and overdrive effects
  • Get dirty—or come clean
    Add more authenticity and dial up “dirtier” tones with speaker breakup simulation


Windows Windows XP and later
Mac Mac OS X 10.6.5 and later
Pro Tools Pro Tools 8 and later 
Eleven Rack Editor Version 1.0

* Eleven Rack firmware updater is not compatible with Windows 8/higher (more details) or Internet Explorer 9/higher (more details)


Software Installer Language Support English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, and Korean



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