NewBlue Transitions 3 Ultimate


Express your creative flair with valuable presets that help you achieve your desired look

Over 400 presets in 37 versatile video transitions plugins that move your audience from scene to scene and provide a broad suite of cutting edge transitions that use light, color, and motion to deliver stunning, aesthetically fresh, scene-to-scene cuts. Produce stylized transitions for every mood or circumstance.


  • Zoom

    Fly from one scene to the next with a sweeping rush of energy with Zoom—It’s easy to set beginning and end directions, image replication and crossfade using a wide range of presets filled with rays of light

  • Traveling rays

    It’s simple to animate light between shots, make large streaks or soft sweeps of light, by adjusting ray length, color, direction of travel, and even image warp within the light rays—plus, we’ve included a variety of artistic presets to get you started

  • RGB Shift

    Simulate a video transmission that’s gone awry with RGB Shift—It’s a snap to separate red, green and blue channels in your clips and intensify action by controlling the direction, distance and frequency of the movements, or use one of the many ready-to-go built-in presets

  • Liquify

    Create broad, sweeping morphs, or “water down” your image—It’s effortless to create morphic image transitions, select your distortion source, then control the amplitude and direction based on the incoming image, outgoing image, or both

  • 100% GPU accelerated

  • Resolution independent

  • Full customization

  • Native controls

  • Titler Pro compatible

  • Illustrated cartoon look

  • Line and edge drawings

  • Random motion over x and y axis

  • Color blending & morphing

  • Glow tools for edges

  • Blurred push edits

  • Scanning light motion

  • Morph in a spiral pattern

  • Colored line drawing

  • Metallic surface simulator

  • Colored image blending

  • Animated image segmentation

  • Two-color blends

  • Multi-panel image blending

  • Wave morph

  • Zoom blur

  • Color channel separation

  • Illuminated circle wipe

  • 3D box animation

  • Video wall panning

  • Bokeh light emulator

  • Light burn tools

  • Glow generator

  • X and Y axis blurring
  • Blurs of metallic haze
  • 3D image explosion
  • Liquid morphing motion
  • 3D frame animation
  • Oil painting tools
  • Pencil art tools
  • 3D z-space box array

  • Image smearing rays

  • 3D image spin off

  • Glowing rays of light

  • 3D multi-panel fly away

  • Watercolor paint tools

  • Diagonal blurring

System requirements

Windows Windows 7 and later
Mac Mac OS 10.6.x and later
Disk Space 400 MB for installation, 1 GB for HD*
Graphics OpenGL 2.1, 512 MB graphics memory (minimum)

*nVidia GeForce or Quadro card that supports CUDA with driver 285.62 or newer, AMD/ATI Radeon HD 2400 or better with Catalyst 11.11 or newer, Intel HD is not supported.

This product is tested by the Seller for support of current versions of the indicated Avid products and operating systems. For compatibility questions related to older systems, please contact the Seller.

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