Pro Series Bundle


Shape, control, and maximize tracks with the premium Avid plugin bundle

The plugins featured in the Pro Series are some of the most powerful in the Avid catalog perfect for both music and audio-post and with full surround support. Shape sounds. Control dynamics. Minimize noise. Maximize loudness. Boost bottom end. And breathe new life into your mixes. Quickly and easily. Avid Pro Series plugins are some of the most powerful creative tools used throughout the music and audio post-production industries. Now you can get all five plugins at huge savings with this studio essential bundle.


  • Pro Compressor Shape sounds, enhance tracks, and breathe life into mixes with this “SMART” compressor
  • Pro LimiterMaximize the loudness of your mix—in up to 7.1 surround—without distortion or harshness

  • Pro ExpanderGive your mix more energy while controlling unwanted signals with his unique high-quality expander

  • Pro Multiband DynamicsShape your mix fast by selectively compressing or expanding audio in up to four frequency bands

  • Pro SubharmonicGenerate epic-sounding low frequency signals an octave lower than the source

System requirements

Windows Windows 7 and later
Mac Mac OS 10.7.x and later
Pro Tools Pro Tools 10.x and later
Max Sample Rate 192 kHz


AAX Native

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