Pro Tools | PlayCell
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Explore a world of inspirational sounds

Pro Tools | PlayCell is a virtual sample player instrument that provides you with high-quality instruments to create music for any genre—no matter your level of expertise. It combines an extensive library of drums, pianos, guitars, basses, synths, orchestral, and other instruments with an intuitive interface that makes it easy and fun to find and dial in the perfect sound. Each instrument comes with pre-assigned macro controls, fine-tuned to impact the character of each sound with the tweak of a knob. And you can expand your PlayCell library even further through the new monthly Pro Tools | Sonic Drop content program.

Pro Tools | PlayCell sample player instrument is included with all Pro Tools Artist, Pro Tools Studio, and Pro Tools Ultimate subscriptions and active 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plans.


  • Find the perfect sound

    Choose from a list of collections (such as “Keys” or “Chromatic Percussive”)—each containing a group of instruments (like “Concert Grand” and “Felt Piano”)—and pick one to start playing. You can also explore presets containing curated configurations for each.
  • Musicality made simple

    Compose by ear or select one of three scale settings from a list of musical scales or genres to ensure you’re never composing out of key. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, PlayCell allows you to focus on your creative vision.
  • Make every instrument your own

    Use four macro controls per instrument to quickly dial in your sound or use the randomizer to create spontaneous results. Manipulate instruments further with the global controls for amplitude, tuning, and filtering.
  • Get new sounds for your sample player

    Expand your PlayCell library even further with new instruments through the monthly Pro Tools | Sonic Drop* program to ensure that you’ll have a regular supply of fresh sounds to find new inspiration.

* You must have an active Pro Tools subscription (Pro Tools Artist, Pro Tools Studio, or Pro Tools Ultimate) or a Pro Tools perpetual license with an active 1-Year Support + Updates Plan to be eligible to receive Pro Tools | Sonic Drop content.

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