Pro Tools | SynthCell

Powerful synthesis

Pro Tools | SynthCell is a modern virtual synth with an analog heart that enables a wide palate of sounds in Pro Tools—from old-school familiar to something truly unique. Designed with an extensive library of presets for sound exploring and configured with the tools for the sound designer in each of us, SynthCell makes it easy to create something quick or fine-tune forever.

Sporting two oscillators, two multi-mode filters, an LFO, envelopes, an arpeggiator, and a variety of effects, you can start sculpting your own sounds from scratch, building from a sine wave on up. Or cruise through the library of presets and instantly find something organic, distorted, smooth, chaotic, analog, and more, without ever touching a knob.

This powerful yet easy-to-use software synthesizer is included with all Pro Tools Artist, Pro Tools Studio, and Pro Tools Ultimate subscriptions and active 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plans.


  • Dual-oscillator engine

    Go for classic analog tones, sweeps, saws, leads, and other old-school software synthesizer sounds. And make them your own with extensive modulation options, including controls for saw, square, pulse, triangle, sub, and noise oscillators, plus detune when more than one is playing.
  • Arpeggiator

    Transform simple or complex chords into dynamic and flowing arpeggios with minimal effort. Start with 16 professional presets, including patterns like Zig-Zag and Rhythmic Random, then fine-tune with controls for swing, gate, and rate.
  • Effects

    Open the door to millions of possibilities with a variety of modes in each effect. Browse through 13 unique reverb modes, including plate, digital, reverse, outer space, and more. Build grit and character with six distortion engines—tube, digital, clip, crush, lo-fi, and rectify. Add chorus (tri, sine, and random), flanger, and phaser effects in the modulation section. And experiment with 22 distinct modes of delay.
  • Modulation matrix

    Gain even greater levels of sound tweaking control. With eight slots to play with, you can select a source, including envelopes and LFOs, control the depth, and select the destination parameter to be modulated.
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