Reason+ AAX/AU/VST - Virtual Studio Rack

Reason is our music making software where you can record, edit and mix your music. But it can also be used as a plugin with any other music making software. Yup. That’s right. Maybe that doesn’t make sense at first – but stay with us.

What makes Reason special is the rack. It is the playground where you can craft your sounds by combining instruments, effects and other devices. If you use Reason as a plugin it is really the rack that you are using inside another piece of music making software – where you can record and edit stuff.

Wanna make people dance, love or cry? Find the right sound by easily combining instruments and effects any way you want in the Reason Rack. Our 70+ instruments and effects have been used to make countless hits – and countless unique sounds. Subscribe to Reason+ and get access to them all. Get inspiration from our weekly sound packs with musical building blocks that go well together. All sounds are created in the Reason Rack – so you can change them any way you want. Use it as a plugin (AAX/AU/VST3) in your favorite DAW or produce music in Reason standalone. You can use Reason standalone or as a plugin (AAX) inside of Pro Tools.

  • Easily combining instruments and effects
  • 70+ legendary instruments and effects
  • Weekly inspiring sound packs
  • Plugin rack for creative sound design


Windows Windows 7 and later
Mac Mac OS 10.11.x and later
Pro Tools Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 12.x and later
Copy Protection Serial Numbers


AAX Native

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