Seventh Heaven Professional


Nothing comes closer to the legendary M7 hardware reverb

For years the Bricasti M7 eluded all attempts to capture and reproduce the subtle beauty of this legendary hardware. Many in the industry considered it impossible. Seventh Heaven presents some of the most well-loved presets from Seventh Heaven Professional in one of the easiest to use reverbs ever designed, all for an incredibly low price.

Fusion-IR is a unique modulated convolution-based capture and reproduction technology developed specifically around the needs of M7. It redefines the rules of acoustic and workflow possibilities for convolution based reverberation processors.

Now used around the world, from the smallest mountain-top backpack studios to the biggest post production facilities in London and Los Angeles, Seventh Heaven is the definitive way to experience the power and beauty of Bricasti M7 reverbs within Pro Tools.

Even simple, critical tasks such as balancing the early and late reverb are impossible jobs with most convolution reverbs. Not to mention, usually any modulation is completely lost and the captures lose the organic life of the hardware. Not so in Seventh Heaven Professional. It has the flexibility of algorithmic reverbs, allowing you to perfect the acoustics of a space just as can be done on an M7 and retains the organic, lively vibe thought to be impossible to capture.

Treat Seventh Heaven Professional like any algorithmic reverb and forget what you’ve heard about the lifeless sound of convolution. It doesn’t apply here. In a sampled reverb it is typically impossible to sculpt a space as required, and as is expected from users of hardware and software algorithmic reverbs.


  • All 235 official M7 presets
  • M7 v1, v2, and non-linear algorithms
  • 200 ms to 30 second reverb decays
  • Low, early, and late reverb algorithm control
  • Early reflection selection
  • Modelled M7 early/late roll-off filtering
  • Tempo sync pre-delay and delay
  • 5-band equalizer

System requirements

Windows Windows 7 and later
Mac Mac OS 10.9.x and later
Pro Tools Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 11.x and later
Max Sample Rate 192 kHz
Copy Protection Pace


AAX Native

This product is tested by the Seller for support of current versions of the indicated Avid products and operating systems. For compatibility questions related to older systems, please contact the Seller.

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