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Perfectly VoicedSymphonic Elements STRIIIINGS

Just as with other UJAM products like Virtual Guitarist, STRIIIINGS will always play perfectly voiced, always making sense of your input. Forget about the usual tedium of working with string libraries, just load the instrument and compose incredible things within seconds! (Using two fingers!) STRIIIINGS will take care of the details, so you can focus on your music!

Boris Salchow: "It's been a herculean task of many years to take something as complex and precious as the HZ library and make it easily playable and fail-proof. The efforts paid off, and we're thrilled that every composer can now enjoy such musical super powers."

Evoke emotions

Strings trigger emotions in every human being. Power your compositions with big emotions. STRIIIINGS adds beauty and flavor to any composition.

Accessible for anyone

Unlike other instruments that require deep knowledge of composition and orchestration, STRIIIINGS is designed from the ground-up to be easy and fast. The fail-free interface encourages you to try out your most extravagant ideas quickly.


UJAM is happy to count Hans Zimmer—one of the world’s great film composers—as one of its co-founders. Hans lent us his legendary string recordings that he has amassed over decades for use in STRIIIINGS. The musical phrases are recorded at one of the world’s leading scoring stages by some of the world’s best instrumentalists.

Born from art & technology

STRIIIINGS is not just a collection of boring, static loops, it’s actual recordings of a leading symphonic orchestra that follow your musical lead through proprietary UJAM technology.

Supernatural—not only for natural sounding strings, with the built-in sound design tools customized for string sections you’ll create modern atmospheres and textures that are entirely your own!

System Requirement
Windows 7 and later
Mac OS 10.11.x and later
Pro Tools
Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 11.x and later
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AAX Native


  • World-class string section phrases, no string arrangement skills required
  • 60 playing styles, more than 200 sound designer presets
  • Brand-new creative performance and sound design engine
  • Recorded at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Studios, produced by Boris Salchow
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