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High-quality time stretching

Time Shift is a free AudioSuite plugin that delivers high-quality time stretching and pitch shifting for all Pro Tools systems. Equipped with four distinct algorithms, Time Shift lets you tailor the processing to different types of source material. Choose Polyphonic to change a guitar or keyboard performance, or a full mix. Select Monophonic if you’re altering vocals or solo instruments. Pick Rhythmic to compress or stretch a loop. Or use Varispeed when you’re converting the sample rate of an audio file.

Time Shift is bundled with Pro Tools | FirstPro Tools and Pro Tools | HD.

System Requirement
Windows 7 and later
Mac OS 10.8.x and later
Pro Tools
Pro Tools 11.x and later
AAX Native


  • Multichannel, multi-input phase-coherent processing

    Modify multi-tracked performances while maintaining the phase relationship between mics and tracks

  • Polyphonic algorithm

    Time stretching and pitch shifting for polyphonic audio

  • Rhythmic algorithm

    Perfect for percussive, rhythmic audio files

  • High-quality time compression/expansion

    From 25% to 400% range for time compression/expansion processing a file from 1/4 to 4x its original duration, and pitch shifting from two octaves below to two octaves above the original pitch

  • Monophonic algorithm

    Formant-correct processing is ideal for vocals and solo instruments

  • Varispeed algorithm

    Optimal when converting the sample rate of audio files

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