Transformizer Pro


Bring new sounds to life in seconds

Transformizer is an innovative sound manipulation software plug-in, which makes sounds “intelligently” adapt to each other, by forcing ‘slave sounds’ to intimately follow the flow and structure of a ‘master sound’—thus providing users with unique, colourful and creative options in seconds instead of hours.

The technology behind Transformizer is based on advanced analyses of the pitch, amplitude, duration and timbre of a ‘parent sound’ and hereafter applying these parameters to control an additional set of ‘child sounds’. Through creative blending of sources and intuitively tweaking parameters, new sounds will be brought to life in seconds.

The audio manipulation features inside Transformizer make it invaluable to anyone looking to massively boost their creative output. Transformizer is tailored for sound designers, musicians, music producers, game VR and AR designers, artists or DJs. With Transformizer you get a powerful creative edge, with a yet unseen tool, that some of the most influential sound designers in the world have praised welcome and helped us to perfect.


  • Completely new methodology
  • Sound manipulation, not available in any other plug-in on the market
  • Dramatically reduces editing time in various post production processes and optimizes your creative flow
  • An intuitive, innovative and powerful tool that sparks your creativity and brings back the fun into the sound design process
  • Boost your sonic creative output, regardless of genre and medium

System requirements

OS Mac OS 10.11.x, Mac OS 10.10.x, Mac OS 10.9.x, Mac OS 10.8.x
Pro Tools Pro Tools 12.x
Computer Intel i5
Memory 8GB
Disk Space 20MB
Sample Rate Support Max Rate: 192k
Copy Protection Requires iLok2 


AAX Native 64