VisLM-H - AAX Native


Industry standard loudness metering

Using an industry standard gives you confidence and peace of mind. VisLM-H delivers everything you need—intuitively, accurately and immediately. With a unique design focused on primary loudness parameters, VisLM-H combines an instant overview with detailed historical information, enabling you to hit your target first time, every time. Elegant and simple to use, VisLM-H promotes a highly efficient workflow with the ability to drill down to any level of complexity the context demands.

VisLM-H provides all you need to easily comply with all current loudness standards. Intuitive, accurate and time saving, VisLM-H delivers all you need in a single, resizeable view.


  • Industry standard highly intuitive loudness metering and logging for all editing environments
  • Market leading quality
  • Intuitive and detailed—hit specification easily
  • Highly configurable—achieve average loudness harmonisation from differing sources
  • Fully standard compliant—avoid 'level shifting' further down the broadcast stream
  • Trusted by professionals to consistently balance music/dialog/special effects
  • Time saving design lets you manage live broadcast levels rapidly and objectively
  • Logging for proof of compliance reporting and postmortem analysis with frame accurate referencing
  • Allows audio professionals to remain in control of quality and meet the requirements of legislation

System requirements

OS Windows 8, Windows 7
OS Mac OS 10.9.x, Mac OS 10.8.x, Mac OS 10.7.x
Pro Tools Pro Tools 11.x, Pro Tools 10.x
Computer Intel Core Duo
Memory 2GB
Sample Rate Support Max Rate: 192k


Sound Field
AAX Native 64
AAX AudioSuite 64
AAX Native 32
AAX AudioSuite 32
Audio Unit

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