02:00 AM

Making the Media: Lovin' La Vida Local

News has a real retention element to it. You realize it is something you need to be connected to every day. It just makes you feel connected to your community.
Adam Wiener, Executive Vice President and General Manager, CBS Local Digital Media

Craig Wilson, host of Avid's Making the Media podcast, explores how broadcasters can use digital platforms to deepen the relationship between viers and their local stations. In the latest episode, "Lovin' La Vida Local," he's joined by Adam Wiener, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Local Digital Media. 

Craig and Adam discuss

  • How to engage staff to face the digital future 
  • How to create an "always-on" culture within a news organization 
  • The part the cloud will play in the future delivery of news 

Making the Media explores the forces that shape the media, news and entertainment business. It's available on Google Podcasts, Spotify and Apple Podcasts