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Pro Tools makes music creation fast and fluid, providing a complete set of tools to create, record, edit, and mix audio. Get inspired and start making music with a massive collection of plugins, instruments, and sounds. Tackle your most ambitious visions with proven features that power you through the most demanding projects.

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A common language across audio

Trusted by top professionals and aspiring artists alike, Pro Tools is used on almost every top music release, movie, and TV show. And because the Pro Tools session format is the industry’s universal language, you can take your project to any producer or studio around the world.
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Keep pace with any creative process

From idea to final mix, Pro Tools offers seamless end-to-end audio production that covers every stage of the creative process. Start with non-linear Sketches to play with loops, MIDI, and recordings, and then move to the timeline to refine your arrangements using world-class editing and mixing tools.

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The DAW that keeps on giving

Beyond the comprehensive assortment of included plugins, instruments, and sounds, your Pro Tools subscription/license also delivers quarterly feature updates, new plugins, and sound content every month with Inner Circle* rewards and Sonic Drop to keep you inspired.

with pro tools you can

    • Get Inspired

      Spark ideas with a massive music software collection of plugins, loops, and samples — plus, get a Sonic Drop of fresh new content each month. No matter what type of music you create, you’ll find tons of incredible sounds to explore and tweak.

    • Invite ideas to happen

      Invite ideas to happen

      Trigger samples and loops, record audio, and capture MIDI performances with the new Sketch window and iPad app to quickly work up ideas. Drag-and-drop clips and experiment with arrangements to create something you love.

    • Play virtually any instrument

      Have thousands of instrument sounds at your fingertips with GrooveCell, SynthCell, Boom, Mini Grand, Xpand, and more included. Even connect your favorite electronic instruments and music apps through Ableton Link.

    • Make music with MIDI

      Build up songs quickly and create more realistic-sounding tracks with easy-to-use MIDI tools—including new MIDI effect plugin support. Add loops that auto-conform to your session tempo. And freely create and experiment without stopping playback.

    • Record high-quality audio

      Seamless punch and loop recording. Automated playlist tracking. All in pristine 32-bit floating/192 kHz audio resolution. With Pro Tools, you can capture performances that sound like a hit record from the start.

    • Get seamless hardware integration

      Get seamless hardware integration

      Use any audio interface that meets your needs to record into Pro Tools. Or add an Avid audio interface or system and you can record through plugins with near-zero latency and get guaranteed performance.

    • Capture inspired performances

      Capture inspired performances

      Ever have that moment where you play something amazing but didn’t hit record? With Retrospective MIDI Record, you can bring in those MIDI improvisations retroactively in your DAW to recoup that spontaneity.

    • Create the perfect take

      Experience the easiest audio comping workflow for creating flawless performances quickly. You can even cycle through different playlist takes to hear what works best and create something truly inspired.

    • Edit your way

      Edit your way

      When it comes to manipulating tracks in Pro Tools, there’s no right or wrong way. Shape, fix, chop, cut, and tweak audio and MIDI the way you want in a creative DAW that gives you limitless flexibility and freedom to play. And new ARA 2 integration delivers faster and more efficient workflows than ever.

    • Fine-tune MIDI performances

      Quantize notes. Adjust note durations. Transpose recordings. Add dynamics by varying note velocities. Rearrange parts with Folder Tracks. And add more humanistic soul using MIDI Real-Time Properties and effect plugins.

    • Tweak audio timing and pitch

      Easily fix timing, beat match audio, and correct notes with Elastic Audio. Or with Melodyne, RePitch, and Revoice Pro now integrated directly into Pro Tools via ARA 2, you can quickly manipulate pitch and time in real time—without roundtripping audio.

    • Turn audio to MIDI and vice-versa

      Drag an audio sample to a MIDI track or convert an audio track to MIDI, and you can change the instrument, switch out samples, and edit notes. Or drag a MIDI clip to an audio track for more creative editing possibilities.

    • Shape mixes with powerful plugins

      Shape mixes with powerful plugins

      Get the classic sounds of legendary analog gear—from compressors and EQs to unique effects—with over 120 plugins to fine-tune tracks. Plus, get a monthly Sonic Drop of new content and $3,000+ of additional plugins, sounds, and more with the Inner Circle.

    • Take hands on control of your mix

      Take hands-on control of your mix

      Only Avid control surfaces—from the free Avid Control app to the modular S6—provide the unparalleled DAW integration needed to access tracks, plugins, sends, and more from the surface, speeding up editing and mixing.

    • Mix Dolby Atmos muisic

      Mix Dolby Atmos® music

      Give your fans a whole new way to experience your music. Get the capabilities to mix surround and immersive sound—including the new integrated Dolby Atmos Renderer—with Pro Tools Studio and Ultimate. See what you can do >

    • AvidPlay Singer

      Distribute your music

      Stream your music with AvidPlay on Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, TikTok, Amazon Music, and many other top streaming outlets. Grow your fanbase and keep 100% of your rights and earnings.

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Pro Tools Sketch

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