Create beats, record performances, and have fun making music with the same tools your favorite artists and producers use. Pro Tools Intro is a free DAW that gives you the essential audio and MIDI tools you need for music production, plus 36 effects and instrument plugins, to create any type of music. From non-linear clip launching to world-class editing and mixing workflows, Pro Tools keeps pace with your creative flow.

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Get inspired

From beats and bass to synths, guitars, strings, and more, start creating with hundreds of instrument sounds and loops to spark your imagination.

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Edit and mix performances

Shape, fix, tweak, enhance, and mix audio and MIDI with endless flexibility and freedom to experiment.

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Turn ideas into songs fast

Program drum tracks, dial in the perfect guitar tone, record real and virtual instruments, and lay down vocals with easy-to-use audio and MIDI tools.

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Take your session anywhere

Because Pro Tools Intro is Pro Tools, you can take your session into any studio to collaborate with other artists and producers.

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How many tracks can I work with in Pro Tools Intro?

You can work with up to eight audio tracks, eight instrument tracks, and eight MIDI tracks in Pro Tools Intro—see the Pro Tools Comparison page for full details.

What plugins and instruments come with Pro Tools Intro?

Pro Tools Intro comes with Xpand!2—a powerful multitimbral virtual instrument workstation that offers everything from wavetables and FM synthesis to sample playback to create parts for any type of music. It provides over 1,200 presets of instrument sounds—drums, synths, basses, guitars, pianos, strings, horns, woodwinds, pads, percussion, vocals, ethnic instruments, and more—that can be tweaked and layered to your heart’s content. Pro Tools Intro also comes with hundreds of high-quality loops from Loopmasters, plus 34 studio-essential plugins—from EQ and dynamics to reverb, delay, and guitar amp emulators. See what’s included.

Can I upgrade Pro Tools Intro to get more functionality?

Of course! We offer three other versions of Pro Tools—Pro Tools Artist, Pro Tools Studio, and Pro Tools Ultimate—to meet a variety of different music, sound design, and audio post-production needs, starting at just $9.99 USD/month. Whether you desire more tracks and plugins, want new capabilities, or are looking to expand your career opportunities, see what each version offers here, then simply subscribe to the one that fits your needs. 

Why does Pro Tools Intro still launch after I’ve purchased a new subscription?

If you purchased a new Pro Tools Artist, Studio, or Ultimate subscription, but your software still launches as Pro Tools Intro, you need to activate your paid license. To do this, open Avid Link, select the “Products” tab, and from the Pro Tools “Open” drop-down menu, select “License.” In the resulting License page, click the “Activate” button—get more details.

How does Pro Tools Intro get licensed?

PACE iLok technology is used to license your Pro Tools software and plugins and protects against piracy. How you obtain your Pro Tools Intro license depends on any previous interaction you’ve had (if any) with other Pro Tools software:

  • New users—If you’re completely new to Pro Tools, you’ll automatically receive a free iLok account with a disk-based license (no physical or cloud-based iLok required) as part of the Pro Tools Intro sign-up and installation process—learn more
  • Former subscribers—If you had a Pro Tools subscription in the past but let it expire, you can activate a Pro Tools Intro license from within Avid Link or your Avid Account—learn more
  • Trial users—If you’ve previously taken the Pro Tools 30-day trial, you can activate a Pro Tools Intro license from within Avid Link or your Avid Account—learn more

Please note that we do not recommend trying Pro Tools Intro if you have a perpetual license for any version of Pro Tools—find out why

Why does my expired Pro Tools subscription or trial now launch as Pro Tools Intro?

We want you to continue using Pro Tools, so you can keep working and not be locked out of any unfinished ideas. That’s why all expiring subscriptions and trials will automatically default to Pro Tools Intro moving forward—get more details.

I have an expired Pro Tools subscription or trial, but it won’t launch as Pro Tools Intro—why?

If your installed Pro Tools software is any version prior to 2022.9, you will need to download the Pro Tools Intro software using the “Download” button above. If you’ve installed Pro Tools 2022.9 or later but Pro Tools Intro doesn’t launch automatically once your subscription or trial ends, activate your Pro Tools Intro license from within Avid Link or your Avid Account—see how.

I have Pro Tools First projects—can I open them in Pro Tools Intro?

Yes, but you’ll need to convert your projects to Pro Tools sessions first—get the details.

Someone sent me a session with more than eight tracks—can I open it in Pro Tools Intro?

You can open any Pro Tools session in Pro Tools Intro, but the session may get truncated. When opening a session with more than eight audio, MIDI, and instrument tracks, Pro Tools Intro will prompt you to “save as” a new session and then truncate to the first eight tracks of each track type—learn more.

Can I use Cloud Collaboration with Pro Tools Intro?

As a Pro Tools Intro user, other Pro Tools users with paid licenses can invite you to collaborate on their projects in the cloud, but you cannot initiate your own Cloud Collaboration projects unless you purchase an Avid Cloud plan or move up to a Pro Tools paid license.