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Avid has teamed up with our partners to offer more than $1000 USD worth of complementary gifts for all our new and existing Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate customers with an active plan. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a great customer!

Be sure to maintain your subscription or annual plan to receive even more gifts throughout the year!

If you are an existing or new customer on an active plan, these gifts will be readily available in your Avid account.

Disclaimer: Please note that only Pro Tools, Pro Tools | Ultimate and Pro Tools, Education Pricing customers with an active monthly or annual subscription or a 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan (perpetual licenses) are eligible to receive these gifts. For new offers, please allow up to 7 business days for product to appear in your account.

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Track credits and make history | Sound Credit—a $99 USD value

Capture credits in the moment, then edit and deliver them to clients or publish online.

Use the Sound Credit Publisher desktop app to edit music credits and deliver them to clients and labels, or publish indie credits to the web. The companion Sound Credit Tracker plug-in allows you to quickly track credits during recording sessions.

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Boost your Foley library with Pro Sound Effects | Foley Essentials—a $49 USD value

Add natural movement to your scenes with hand-picked everyday recordings from award-winners

The Foley Essentials sound effects library features over 90 lifelike recordings of everyday actions from Academy Award®-winning sound artists Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson. Craft your scenes with common Foley recordings like footsteps, cloth rustle, body grabs, and dozens of props to bring your everyday scenes to life.

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Get Convology XT and 17 Physical Plates for free if you're an active Pro Tools subscriber—a $99 USD value

Take your reverbs to the next level with Physical Plates

  • Sampled in 7 Different Countries, including: Australia, Austria,Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, USA
  • (8) German 140s that include Mono, Mono Tube, Valve, Transistor, and ST models
  • Many pieces of gear listed have been used on major recording artists, albums, and Grammy productions

Full Listing of Plates included

  • Aud (Audicon "The Plate II") Memphis, TN
  • Bri—Chicago, IL
  • EPlate—Chicago, IL
  • Eplate II—Appleton, WI
  • Eplate III—Sweden
  • German 140 Mono—Austria
  • German 140 Mono Tube—Nashville, TN
  • German 140 Valve—Slovenia
  • German 140 ST—Cleveland, OH
  • German 140 ST—Australia
  • German 140 ST—Portland, OR
  • German 140 T—Los Angeles, CA
  • German 140 T—Finland
  • German 240 (Gold Foil) Los Angeles, CA
  • German 240 (Gold Foil) San Francisco, CA
  • Lawson—Nashville, TN
  • Stock (Stronics) Finland
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    Pick your own videos & books at Groove3—up to a $120 USD value

    Enhance and improve your mixing, production, and software knowledge and skills at Groove3. For being a loyal Pro Tools user, you get 3 credits to use to choose from a large assortment of top rated video tutorials and books available for streaming and download.

    Covering a wide range of topics, learn all about the tools needed to produce and mix music in today's world, as well as get captivating stories, eye-opening methods, and priceless tips and tricks from some of the greatest producers and engineers ever, like Quincy Jones and Bruce Swedien.

    ERA Voice Leveler

    Use the ERA Voice Leveler to even out distracting dialogue or vocal levels—a $59 USD value

    Do you spend a lot of time adjusting the dialogue levels of your talent? Tired of manually riding vocal faders or drawing exhaustive vocal level automations? Save time by avoiding manual gain adjustments. Auto-correct the volume level inconsistencies without leaving Pro Tools.

    accusonus ERA Voice Leveler is a next-generation, single knob plugin. It detects audio level inconsistencies and corrects them in real-time. It has a patent-pending algorithm that achieves natural results without using compression.

    Quickly balance vocal and dialogue levels

    Are you a singer, podcaster, producer, dialogue editor or post-production engineer? The ERA Voice Leveler will help you save time by instantly leveling your dialogue and vocal levels throughout your project.


    Create unique sounds with Tracktion's BioTek organic synthesizer—a $159 USD value

    BioTek is a new generation of software synth that combines the sounds of nature with a complex synthesis engine to create weird and wonderful organic soundscapes. Perfect for sound designers and music creators, BioTek provides truly unique sounds with endless possibilities.

    With BioTek, you can tweak every parameter of each sound you create, blend various patches into new sounds, build your own instruments, and so much more.

    Film Composer Christian Halten

    Christian Halten’s work can be heard on soundtracks for Catwoman, The Ring 2 and Double Take as well as documentaries and video games. Exploring new instrumental sounds is always his first step toward fresh material. Christian created this video to introduce 40 new sounds he’s added to the BioTek library.

    Sound Ideas Logo_1200X350

    Get access to royalty-free music from Sound Ideas—a $495 USD value

    Get 50 professional, high-quality production music tracks for your projects from Sound Ideas. This royalty-free music library allows you to use these tracks on any project, as the music comes with a worldwide license, so you never have to worry about where in the world your production may be watched or used.

    This collection includes techno/dance/house, motivational/inspirational, classical, rock/pop, world music, jazz, comedy/cartoon, Christmas, and new age tracks.


    Learn from the pros with pureMix tutorials—$99 USD value

    Learn the skills professionals use to make great sounding records. Get the 5 most popular pureMix.net tutorials for FREE as a part of the Pro Tools Loyalty program.

    A special gift for Pro Tools users

    Whether you are starting out, or just upgraded your workstation, these videos will give you real-world tips and tricks that you won’t find in the manual. You can learn how to:

    • Produce a beat using virtual instruments
    • Record vocals with confidence
    • Add EQ to make your vocals shine
    • Compress tracks for loudness and dynamics
    • Dial in a radio-ready mix

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