Recommended Plugins for Pro Tools

  • AvidPlay_1196x759_v2b

    Avid Play

    Stream and sell your music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, TikTok and 150+ other major streaming outlets around the world.

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  • Dolby-atmos-prod-suit_monitor

    Dolby Production Suite

    The Dolby Atmos Production Suite when combined with Pro Tools is the ultimate content creation solution for the development of riveting 3D sound.

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  • NugenStereopackElementsBundle

    NUGEN Stereo Pack Elements Bundle

    The Stereo Pack Elements collection easily enables editing with amazing mono compatibility and no unwanted artifacts.

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  • Ozone-Elements_MONITOR

    Ozone 9 Elements

    Ozone 9 brings balance to your music with never-before seen processing for low end, real-time instrument separation, and lightning-fast workflows.

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  • VirtDrummer_Composite_monitor

    Virtual Drummer BUNDLE 2

    The Virtual Drummer 3-in-1 bundle comes with a total of 90 styles and 2160 rhythm patterns played on 15 drum kits—includes HEAVY, PHAT and SOLID.

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  • 3PreAmps_MONITOR-min

    3 Preamps You'll Actually Use

    A perfectly curated collection of the finest vintage preamps ever made, reborn as software plugins.

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  • Aphex_Aural_Exciter_and_Big_Bottom_Pro_Bundle_Monitor

    Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Pro Bundle

    Used on thousands of hit albums, commercials, films, concerts, installed sound systems, and broadcast stations.

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  • Arousor_Monitor(1)


    Arousor is an Empirical Labs compressor plugin for Pro Tools with foolproof operation making it impossible to get a bad sound.

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  • AntaresMonitor

    Auto-Tune Pro

    Get automatic key and scale detection, real-time MIDI Parameter Control, the celebrated “Auto-Tune 5 sound,” and ARA (Audio Random Access) functionality.

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  • Blackhole_Monitor


    With the Blackhole plugin, any instrument in your DAW can warp acoustic space and time.

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  • DehumaniserSimpleMonsters

    Dehumaniser Simple Monsters

    Create realistic monsters in a matter of seconds. With so many creative possibilities, as seen in The Jungle Book and Far Cry 4.

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  • ERA Bundle Pro 3

    ERA 5 Bundle Pro

    Multi-patented next-generation audio repair tools that offer both fast and high-quality processing.

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  • ozone-9-standard-monitor

    Ozone 9 Standard

    Get a great starting point every time, no matter the style, format, or genre.

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  • ProCompressorMonitor

    Pro Compressor

    Breathe new life into your mixes with a high-quality AAX plugin that delivers exceptional sound quality and DSP efficiency.

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  • ProExpanderMonitor

    Pro Expander

    Give your mix more energy while eliminating noise with this unique high-quality expander.

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  • ProLimiterMonitor

    Pro Limiter

    Avid Pro Limiter lets you maximize the loudness of your mix—in up to 7.1 surround—without distortion or harshness.

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  • ProMultibandDynamicsMonitor

    Pro Multiband Dynamics

    Pro Multiband Dynamics is a powerful Pro Series 64-bit AAX plugin that enables you to shape sounds with ease.

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  • ProMultibandDynamicsMonitor

    Pro Series Bundle

    The plugins featured in the Pro Series are some of the most powerful in the Avid catalog perfect for both music and audio post and with full surround support.

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  • ProSubharmonicMonitor

    Pro Subharmonic

    Pro Subharmonic is an epic-sounding Pro Series 64-bit AAX plugin that enables you to generate low frequency signals an octave lower than the source.

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  • Sugar_MONITOR


    This full spectrum enhancer will add punch, thickness, depth, warmth, edge and grit to all your tracks.

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  • ArturiaMonitor

    V Collection 7

    This is the most comprehensive anthology of classic synth and keyboards ever made.

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  • the-sauce_monitor

    The Sauce

    Powerful Multi-band Vocal Processor with pitch and formant shifting, compression, saturation, distortion, chorus, flanger, delay, reverb, stereo imaging, and filtering.

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