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Important: Please note that while Interplay | Production will continue to be marketed for the time being, it will be replaced in the coming months by MediaCentral | Production Management—a powerful new integrated workflow solution that provides advanced file and workflow management for mid-sized to large production teams. Please check out the link to learn more or contact your account manager or reseller.


Do in minutes what once took hours

Today’s audiences want more content on more platforms. To meet that demand, you need an approach to media production that doesn’t compromise creativity or quality. As a core element of the new story-centric workflow, Interplay | Production lets you manage content creation, automate workflows, and empower collaboration—so that projects move easily in parallel, and the work gets done faster. Non-creative tasks are orchestrated in the background, while team members worldwide focus on production. Without wasting time looking for the right clip.


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Product Highlights

  • Increase production capacity
  • Open new opportunities
  • Lower costs
  • Configurations for every workflow
  • Whether you have a single facility, or locations worldwide, contributors can work on multiple projects—or the same project—simultaneously. With intelligence applied to every asset, media becomes easier to locate, use, and repurpose. And teams can stay focused on creating content rather than managing it.

  • Develop new programming and explore new markets. Interplay | Production gives you the capacity to do more. Media Composer | Cloud Remote remote editing opens completely new possibilities for workgroups. And Media | Distribute lets you directly publish to any platform for faster, more effective audience reach.

  • Take content creation to a whole new level of speed, efficiency, and creativity. When media is instantly accessible, locations are connected, and people have the tools they need, the costs go down and creativity just flows.

  • From base configurations ideal for smaller dedicated facilities, to large configurations with hundreds of connected users, there's an Interplay | Production configuration for any workflow. Interplay | Production integrates tightly with Media Composer | Ultimate Software, Avid shared storage, and a range of third-party solutions—plus we can customize a solution for you thanks to our vibrant partner ecosystem and powerful APIs.

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