Simplify recording and playout

Get multi-channel agility

Get support for any record or play combination with 2 and 4 channel AVC-Intra and SD 4 channel models. The HD models include high-quality DNxHD playback. You'll also experience seamless back-to-back play of all formats on each channel.

Customize your workflow

AirSpeed 5000 supports your choice of editing, control systems, and external hardware controllers—giving you more workflow flexibility.

Experience seamless integration with Avid solutions

Get complete integration with Interplay | Production, ISIS shared storage, and Media Composer editing systems—eliminating software mismatches or workflow interruptions.

Eliminate transcoding steps

Eliminate transcoding steps with automatic up, down, and HD cross-conversion of clips that don’t match the preferred format. And remove the need to dedicate channel output to one format with output channel HD/SD format switching.

Choose a connected or standalone workflow

AirSpeed 5000 meets the needs of any size broadcaster—from small workgroups to large—with a cost-efficient design and flexible feature set.

Create slow-motion footage

Dynamic slow-motion playback for SD and HD output channels delivers a high-quality viewer experience quickly with minimal additional equipment.

Speed up your workflow

Customize your system

AirSpeed can be used with Avid or third-party solutions, and ISIS shared storage and Interplay | Production asset management can easily be added at any time.

Enhance team collaboration

AirSpeed 5000 features advanced workflows designed to enhance team collaboration, including Avid project and bin sharing, Edit While Capture, real-time send to playback, and more. Plus, 10 users can access the same media simultaneously.

Play to air while transferring

For late-breaking stories or last-minute changes, clips can play to air before transfer to AirSpeed is finished, starting 20 seconds after the first frames have been received.

Access media simultaneously

Recorded media is available for playback or to all ISIS storage users in seconds after recording of each feed begins.

Integrate with Interplay | Production automatically

Material recorded through AirSpeed is automatically checked into and tracked by Interplay | Production as it is recorded to ISIS shared storage, and is available to all workgroup users.

Get third-party editing system support

AirSpeed supports a MXF OP1a file exchange workflow with any editing system.

Work with advanced control

Get industry-standard control support

AirSpeed supports your choice of control systems using VDCP protocol, native Avid API, and Sony BVW 75 protocol.

Synchronized multi-camera recording

The IsoSync feature enables you to link up to 12 channels across multiple AirSpeed servers for one-button synchronized record, pause, and stop.

Create and edit playlists

Create and edit playlists for single or multiple playback channels.


Control and query AirSpeed through a documented TCP/IP socket-based protocol and XML formatting.

Preserve timecode

Easily select the required mode for recording using external recorded timecode. AirSpeed also supports video logging and triage systems.

FTP transfer support

Supports multiple FTP transfers of OP1a media files to and from AirSpeed 5000.

Interplay | Capture and iNEWS | Command integration

Material can be recorded through Interplay | Capture for comprehensive ingest scheduling and control. iNEWS | Command   provides automated, assisted, or manual play to air control of news rundowns.

Comprehensive remote UI

The intuitive Remote Console interface shows status, monitoring, inventory, play, record, clip management, and re-transfer for all AirSpeed units with selective user access.

Ancillary data preservation

Preserve embedded data with SMPTE 436-compliant ancillary data stream support.

Industry-standard video inputs

Get support for Gbit Ethernet, SDI, digital embedded audio, external time code, and RS422.

Mixed HD-SD playback

On MPEG-2 HD and AVC-Intra models, the channel’s output automatically changes to match the HD or SD clip.

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