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Avid Control

Take control of your favorite audio and video software right from your iOS, Android, or Fire OS tablet or smartphone. With the newly updated Avid Control app, you can record and mix music and audio faster and more easily than working with a mouse and keyboard alone. And when used with Avid S1, Avid S3, Avid S4, Avid S6, or Avid Dock, you gain new touch workflows and custom control. Best of all—it’s free!

Product Highlights

    • Work with your favorite software

      Speed up audio mixing tasks, whether you make music, edit video, or create sound for picture. Avid Control supports EUCON control technology, giving you unmatched hardware/software integration to take extensive wireless control of any EUCON-enabled audio and video software, including Pro Tools, Media Composer, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Nuendo, Premiere Pro, Digital Performer, Samplitude, and more. You can even use it to extend your workflow across other Avid control surfaces. All you need is Wi-Fi.

    • Take full touch control

      With intuitive onscreen controls, you can quickly tap, slide, and drag your way through a variety of application functions and parameters. From adjusting levels, pan, and plugin settings, to monitor control, VCA Spill, and automation, you can navigate and speed your way through any project. Without the tedious mouse or trackpad clicking.

    • Get great visual insight

      Track names, track status, pan indicators, channel meters—all the usual control surface displays are present. And more. See your entire mix, up to 96 tracks at a time. Get real-time feedback of your changes through Pan, EQ, and Dynamics graphs. View panning positions in stereo or up to 7.1.2 surround. Even create and recall custom layouts when using Avid Control with Avid S1, S3, Dock, and/or Artist Mix.

    • Perform tasks fast with Soft Keys

      Get one-touch access to many of your audio or video software’s functions. From creating new tracks, jumping to memory locations, and editing audio, to managing VCA groups, accessing Layouts, and working with automation, a simple tap is all you need. You can also edit Soft Keys and create your own to accelerate your workflow.


      • Create custom knob layouts—NEW

        With the latest EUCON update, you can now map the controls of an inserted plugin to your surface—for any plugin, from any EUCON-enabled DAW. This makes it easy to create custom knob layouts for all of your favorite plugins, so you always have your favorite parameters at your fingertips exactly where you want them. Even the default EQ and DYN function maps can be rearranged.

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      • Speed up your workflow

        Not only can you spill out VCA Masters, you can also open, close, and spill out Folder Tracks directly from the Avid Control app—in exactly the same way as VCA Spill—enabling you to get to any track fast. Cycle through EQ and dynamics plugin slots fast by tapping the EQ or DYN button. And rename Pro Tools tracks by double-tapping a track in Avid Control.

      • View meters on your computer display

        Avid Control is also available in a desktop version for macOS and Windows, enabling you to display the app's Meters view—in conjunction with your DAW—on your computer screen. This provides another way of displaying meters when using multiple Avid S1 surfaces or an S3. You can also design your own meter layouts, independently, for both the Avid Control mobile and desktop apps.

      • Track and mix with just a touch

        Avid Control turns your touchscreen tablet into a powerful control surface that helps speed up recording, editing, monitoring, and mixing tasks. Through its onscreen faders, knobs, buttons, Soft Keys, and transport controls—plus graphical displays that provide extensive visual feedback—you can create better mixes faster using many of the same touchscreen workflows and views found on our flagship S6 control surface.

      • Work with your favorite devices

        In addition to iPad, the Avid Control app works with Android and Fire OS devices too, giving you more choice and cost flexibility. And not just tablets—you can use the app on your smartphone too. Plus, the app features a Meters view, which not only gives you an expanded view of your levels, including gain reduction meters, it follows your control surface banking maneuvers too.

      • Get intelligent control

        Powered by EUCON, Avid Control acts like an extension of your software, providing deep control. Access hundreds of functions and commands without a mouse. Adjust plugins. Toggle automation. Work with VCA groups. And perform complex macros with a single tap. It also automatically adapts its controls to the EUCON-enabled application in focus on your computer, giving you great flexibility.

      • See your mix in different ways

        With six primary screen views (see below), you can view, navigate through, and interact with your project in many ways. In addition, the Tab Bar at the top provides a counter display, track filtering, Layout selection, and Universe Scroller, while the Toolbar at the bottom houses transport controls and primary Soft Keys. All views work in landscape and portrait mode, so you can hold and orient your tablet any way you want.

      • Free yourself from the cables that bind

        With full wireless control, you can work in ways not possible with a mouse or cable-connected control surface. Record yourself in a different room from your DAW, such as an isolation booth. Control up to two networked audio/video workstations from across the facility. Trigger playback or recording while on stage. Even take stealth control of a Foley or ADR session in the same room as your talent, without audible key presses or mouse clicks.

      • Extend your Avid control surface workflow

        Got Avid S1, S3, Dock, or Artist Mix? Avid Control adds touchscreen operation, extensive visual feedback, S6-style views, better Soft Keys control, a counter display, customizable layouts, and more to your workflow. Not only does it provide timesaving features and customizability, it offers a convenient way to recall layouts and trigger functions as you mix on your control surface.

      • Mixer view

        Adjust and view track levels, statuses, pan positioning, and other parameters using onscreen controls in a virtual channel strip layout. From faders, panning knobs, automation indicators, and Mute and Solo switches, to level meters, gain reduction meters, and graphs for EQ and Dynamics, you have the control familiarity you need to speed up recording and mixing tasks.

      • Meters view

        When using Avid Control with the Avid S1 control surface, this view functions like a meter bridge. It provides an expanded view of your level meters, plus gain reduction—along with function graphs, automation status, and other indicators, depending on the mode you choose—eight tracks at a time.

      • Tracks view

        Big mix? No problem. Display a bank of up to 96 tracks at a time as tiles, making it easy to visually assess and navigate through the largest mixes. A simple swipe up or down gives you access to additional tracks. You can also record-enable, solo, and mute multiple tracks, as well as keep an eye on levels across a larger number of them.

      • Soft Keys view

        Perform functions, shortcut commands, and trigger your own custom macros with a simple tap. Avid Control comes with a default Appset of Soft Keys, displayed across multiple pages, that covers many common tasks to get you started. You’re free to edit, rearrange, and make your own to automate repetitive tasks, so you can spend more time in your creative zone.

      • Channel view

        View, select, and edit a variety of parameters to enhance any selected track. Insert and adjust plugins. Fine-tune EQ and dynamics with visual graph displays. Assign inputs, sends, and groups. Position sounds in up to 7.1.2 surround. You can even display a hybrid Channel and Tracks view in Grid Tracks mode, enabling you to bounce between tracks quickly for faster editing.

      • Monitoring view

        Assign and manage monitor controls in any EUCON-enabled monitoring system, as well as monitor sources in Pro Tools and other DAWs. Control source selections, speaker cuts, talkback, and cues. You can even lock parts of the interface to your monitoring application for dedicated monitor control while mixing another DAW with the rest of the controls.

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