Accelerate and enhance your search capabilities

Get accurate results

By analyzing phonemes instead of words, Avid Dialogue Search’s patented technology is far more accurate than “speech-to-text” equivalent searches. It easily finds proper names or slang and is not thrown off by individual accents when searching for dialogue. Plus, searches of dialogue do not require exact spelling or rely on dictionaries that require frequent updates.

Get simple, powerful searching

Just type a word or phrase in the search box and click Search. Within seconds, Avid Dialogue Search returns a list of related media containing those words or phrases. Your search can include Boolean operators to further refine the results, as well as terms that indicate a specified time window of both words being spoken relative to each other. For example, you can search for “home run” and a player’s name spoken within 10 seconds of each other to locate all home runs mentioned for that player.

Search and filter metadata

Avid Dialogue Search includes powerful metadata search and filtering capabilities. For media sets with metadata available, you can choose to either filter results based on metadata alone or search the metadata in combination with the dialogue. With the combination search, you can leverage all available resources and even find and generate metadata for assets that did not already have any.

Experience a seamless workflow

With Avid Dialogue Search, you can search media stored on a variety of file systems and production and media asset management systems from Avid, CatDV, Dalet, Vizrt, and IPV. Once you find the results you need, you can export the search terms and timecodes back to these systems or directly to editing applications such as Media Composer, Media Composer | Ultimate, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro X, and Premiere Pro.

Search fast and affordably at any scale

Avid Dialogue Search is extremely fast, indexing media up to 40x real time per CPU core. And it scales out when more CPU cores are added. This speed is achieved with nonproprietary, off-the-shelf hardware. In fact, a single server can support searching over 100,000 hours of media.

Organize media with project bins

The project bin feature gives you an easy way to collect and organize your search results. You can create an unlimited number of bins. As assets are discovered through search, those of interest can be added to a bin. This powerful feature enables you to quickly and easily organize media, bring all relevant assets together into a single view, and immediately gain access to the rich logging information in your asset management and editorial solutions.

Get easy, flexible deployment

Avid Dialogue Search is available as a standalone browser-based application or it can power search functionality in a variety of software applications through the JSON-based REST API. And it doesn't have to be limited to one media source; it can aggregate results from all of your media libraries.

Get broad language support

Avid Dialogue Search serves a global market by supporting a variety of languages and dialects, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Farsi, Hindi, and more. Additional languages are added regularly. If you don’t see what you need, we can partner with you to develop additional language support.

See all supported languages

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