Avid | Edit on Demand Specifications


  • Client computer: macOS or Windows-based computer
  • Internet connection: Minimum 20–25 Mbps download speed; 35 Mbps or faster recommended for editing high-res media or working with 3 monitor setups
  • Remote viewing: Any SRT-enabled client (such as VLC), decoder, or other device


Media Composer remote editing
Software versions available Choice of either the current Media Composer | Enterprise release with the latest features or the latest "long-term" maintenance version for those who prefer absolute stability over the newest features; see the latest User Guide for details
Supported seats and users Supports up to 30 concurrent Media Composer seats per subscription, with the ability to enable access to 60 unique users per subscription
Additional included software Media Composer | ScriptSync Option, Media Composer | PhraseFind Option, Media Composer | Symphony Option
Avid NEXIS cloud storage
Storage capacity Scalable from 1 TB of cloud storage per subscription, up to 2 PB through add-on purchases