Avid Editorial Management


Remote collaboration made easy

Built for post-production teams that need to find footage fast, collaborate easily, and work from anywhere, Avid Editorial Management delivers powerful yet simple workflow and media management. Completely integrated with Avid NEXIS storage, Media Composer, and Adobe Premiere Pro, Editorial Management enables teams to search for media phonetically, log clips, edit video, pull selects, create stringouts, and review projects from anywhere, using just a web browser.

Product highlights

  • Accelerate your workflow
  • Enable remote collaboration
  • Find media fast
  • Jumpstart story creation
  • Avid Editorial Management operates as a fully integrated panel within Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro, or as an easy-to-use web browser interface, enabling showrunners, producers, loggers, editors and assistants to log, browse, search, access, and edit content, projects, and metadata stored in Avid NEXIS. It speeds up the entire storytelling process, from logging media, prepping projects, and assembling rough cuts, to reviewing and approving sequences.
  • Whether team members are in the editing facility, on location, or working remotely, Editorial Management enables you to accomplish more with less stress. Share projects and media with other Avid and Adobe editors—regardless of location. Edit media in place. And enable assistants to set up Avid and Adobe projects, group media, and populate bins with the best shots—without requiring Media Composer or Premiere.
  • Newly captured footage. A work in progress. Archived projects. If the content you seek sits anywhere in your Avid NEXIS storage, you can find it fast. Right within Media Composer, Premiere Pro, or your web browser. You can find all clips that contain context-specific metadata or even certain keywords or phrases of spoken dialogue in seconds, saving hours—or even days—of search time.

    For unscripted projects with high shooting ratios, Editorial Management eases the burden of sorting through volumes of media. Story editors, showrunners, and assistants can quickly find, review, and mark clips based on the dialogue they contain, pull selects, and create stringouts to storyboard the narrative for the editing team. All within a web browser, giving editors more time to focus on finding the most compelling angles to tell the best story.

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