Avid High-Resolution Workflows

Eliminate bottlenecks and gain the speed you need

As the demand for 4K and 8K content continues to surge, today's video and broadcast professionals are being challenged with storing, managing, and editing a massive amount of massive media. Due to their sheer size, these files can bog down workflows and monopolize storage space.

We understand the challenges working with high-res media presents, which is why we’ve developed and integrated tools and technology into our solutions that empower media professionals—from editors and assistants, to loggers and archivists—to work at the speed of their creativity and meet the most demanding deadlines. Here’s a closer look…

Avid DNxHR, DNxUncompressed, and DNxHD—Beauty without the bandwidth

Film, television, news, sports, and other video and broadcast productions often juggle a wide variety of high-res and HD content. That’s because source material these days gets captured on everything from 4K and ultra-high-resolution cameras, to smartphones, action cams, and drones, which must be managed, edited, and then delivered for cinema, broadcast, OTT, web, mobile, and social media consumption.

Avid DNxHR and DNxHD enable media professionals to scale high-res and HD media into everything from lightweight yet beautifully detailed mezzanine files, up to visually lossless mastering quality, significantly reducing file sizes—as well as bandwidth and storage requirements—to accelerate your production workflow. These industry-standard codecs make it easy to work with any media resolution and quickly go from proxy to full-quality master for delivery. And with the new 32-bit Avid DNxUncompressed format, you can work with camera originals and apply and render color corrections and VFX while maintaining the full bit depth of the media.

Key benefits
  • Scale high-res and HD media to the ideal format to fit your workflow while retaining optimal mastering picture quality:
    • Choose a lightweight proxy for remote collaboration and bandwidth/storage-constrained workflows
    • Choose mastering-quality HD to edit HD projects with beautiful imagery that’s a fraction of the file size of the original source material
    • Choose mastering-quality 4K to edit high-res projects with stunning imagery that takes up only a fraction of the disk space that the camera originals require
  • Get highly responsive, real-time multistream performance, with minimal degradation over multiple generations
  • Enable real-time high-res and HD sharing and collaboration—even when working remotely
  • Ingest, manage, edit, and deliver high-res and HD content using your current systems and infrastructure
  • Perform color and effects work on media with the highest possible image depth, detail, and color precision
Integrate our codecs into your product

If you’re a software or hardware developer who’s interested in integrating Avid DNxHR and/or DNxHD encoding into your products or workflow, contact us at partners@avid.com for licensing info. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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Avid Resolution Independence—Work without limits

Working on a high-profile project as a solo editor can be daunting; collaborating on a major production with hundreds of other editors and contributors across a wide array of disparate tools and screens can be downright terrifying. That’s why we created MediaCentral, a fully modular platform that connects and integrates Avid and third-party partner solutions together to streamline and accelerate production workflows.

With this integration, we’ve adopted resolution independence across many of our MediaCentral-enabled solutions, including Media Composer and MediaCentral | Production Management, so you can work with and manage high-res and UHD media as easily as HD and SD media, and have it display consistently across your different tools. And with the latest version of Media Composer, you’re free from any limit to the media resolutions you can work with, so you can take on any project with confidence and deliver your best work in every format required.