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Workflow-optimized video storage solutions for media production

Accelerate your media workflow with a powerful software-defined storage solution that enables real-time collaboration. Avid NEXIS provides the reliability, scalability, and security you need to store, manage, and access media across flash, online, nearline, and cloud storage tiers. It’s the choice professionals rely on to help them adapt to today’s unpredictable media production.




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“We keep all our high-res in Avid NEXIS and it’s reliable. We’re similar to a news station in that we create daily content; we don’t have time to be down.”

–Keith Haeberle, Director of Media Production, Miami HEAT

Product Highlights

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  • Collaborate efficiently
  • Simplify storage with a scalable solution
  • Protect your ass(ets)
  • Enable production in the cloud
  • Avid NEXIS streamlines your media workflow no matter what tools you use, enabling hundreds of Avid and third-party creators to connect, share media, and collaborate in real time from anywhere. Access your entire media library across multiple storage tiers, enabling teams to optimize the lifecycle of your content. Adapt quickly to changing priorities and needs by reallocating capacity, bandwidth, and disk protection on the fly to handle critical projects. And enable collaboration from anywhere between Avid and Adobe editors, assistants, showrunners, producers, and other contributors by adding a subscription to Avid NEXIS | EDGE.

  • Forget the headache of managing multiple volumes of storage. With software-defined storage, you can mix and match Avid NEXIS engines to create a single pool of virtualized storage, minimizing media duplication, wrangling, and costs. Scale a system from 19.2 TB with a single engine, up to more than 10 PB with a multi-engine configuration—and over 25 GB/s of total bandwidth.

  • Avid NEXIS video storage solutions provide the bulletproof security and fail-safe protection you need to keep your media and workflows safe. From single- and dual-disk protection, automatic drive rebuild, and media mirroring, to high availability options and the ability to set user permissions down to the folder level, you can collaborate confidently with peace of mind.

  • Avid NEXIS makes it easy to deploy your media workflow on premises, in a hybrid environment, or as a fully cloud-based solution, enabling production teams to work from anywhere. Transition your environment to the cloud quickly, leveraging the Avid NEXIS | FS file system deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud storage, or as part of Avid | Edit On Demand, enabling you to optimize costs to meet business needs and capitalize on new opportunities.

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“[Avid NEXIS] makes it easier to get into the actual editing and creative work… [and] Avid NEXIS will allow for expansion into the cloud—that’s the direction that we need to go as an industry.”

–Kim Pratt, Vice President of Technology, Digital Graffiti