Access archived media fast

Move workspaces to different storage tiers—just added

Want to move media from one Avid NEXIS storage engine to another storage tier? With Workspace Move, you can easily move Avid NEXIS workspaces between storage groups and engine types while preserving the media protection level—without requiring an external server or client. Or interrupting workflows. It’s ideal for transferring media from Avid NEXIS | E2, E4, or E5 scale-out storage groups to E2 SSD engines for high-speed finishing, as well as for parking or staging completed content on E5 NL nearline storage.

Expand Avid NEXIS to the cloud—just added

Running out of storage space on your Avid NEXIS system? Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces provides a super-simple way to safely offload media from Avid NEXIS and park projects in the cloud. You can also sync onsite Avid NEXIS workspaces to the cloud for easy offsite backup, reducing costs, risk, and administrative errors. Best of all, this new add-on service is available now for all Avid NEXIS systems, providing 2 TB of cloud storage through a limited-time free offer—get the details.

Migrate to Avid NEXIS with ease

Got content on Avid ISIS shared storage that you'd like to move to Avid NEXIS? The Avid NEXIS Data Migration Utility—available now for both Mac and Windows—makes the process quick and easy, enabling media and multiple workspaces to be copied from Avid ISIS to Avid NEXIS. Or from one Avid NEXIS to another. You can even use multiple computers to migrate unique workspaces in parallel, saving tons of time.

Integrate the latest Apple products into your workflow

With support for macOS Mojave, you can now mount Avid NEXIS workspaces from any computer running Apple’s latest OS, giving you more workstation flexibility with the latest MacBooks, Mac Pro, and iMacs. Connect to any Avid NEXIS system to find and access the projects and media you need.

Monitor Avid NEXIS using SNMP

With new support for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), you can now monitor your Avid NEXIS shared storage, System Director Appliance, and related system events more easily and effectively. Monitor system usage and performance in real time. And get simpler integration into enterprise-wide management systems.

Manage your system more efficiently

With new multi-select enhancements made to the Avid NEXIS Management Console, you can now edit settings and configure your system much faster than before. Make bulk changes to multiple items simultaneously. Select any number of parameters to update workspaces, user access, groups, storage groups, or storage engines in one fell swoop. You can even select or deselect all settings to accelerate your actions.

Get greater compatibility and security

Avid NEXIS now supports CentOS 7.5, providing extended connectivity and integration with MediaCentral and third-party applications that run on this open source Linux platform.

Park and restore media fast

Accessing your media archive is easier than ever. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL streamlines the workflow between active and non-active production, enabling you to park assets and completed projects on high-density nearline storage, and keep them within easy reach for rediscovery and reuse. With support for on-disk proxy archive, you can instantly browse and preview media and restore content back to online storage—without the delay of retrieving archived media from tape.

Unite your archive

Trying to manage archived media across multiple tape libraries is challenging. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL with Avid NEXIS | FS enables you to integrate all nearline engines together as one virtualizable pool of storage, making it easy for teams to find and access parked assets and projects. You can also integrate other Avid NEXIS engines into your storage pool. Partition the storage for better archival organization. And configure and prioritize separate workspaces for staging upcoming projects and events. The possibilities are endless.

Adapt quickly to changes

Like all other Avid NEXIS storage engines, Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is powered by a unique file system—Avid NEXIS | FS. This highly intelligent, scale-out file system enables you to create highly protected virtual workspaces quickly and flexibly add and adapt storage capacity, bandwidth, drive protection levels, and user read/write permissions to meet changing production and security needs.

Go big

Scale a single Avid NEXIS | E5 NL engine from 480 TB to 960 TB on the fly and connect up to eight engines in a single system to increase capacity to more than 7.5 PB of total storage—or more than 6.5 PB with single disk protection. The engines can be configured as a standalone nearline system with its own Avid NEXIS | System Director Appliance or included in a system with other Avid NEXIS | E5, E4, and E2 engines sharing an Avid NEXIS | SDA to provide tiered storage. Adding capacity also boosts bandwidth, as each E5 NL engine provides 1 GB/s throughput to provide speedy transfers to and from the nearline storage tier.

Enable real-time collaboration

No need to rely on a dedicated media coordinator or archivist. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL integrates into any MediaCentral workflow, enabling more than 100 editors, assistants, producers, journalists, and other contributors to connect and browse proxies of your archived media and parked projects instantly over 1 Gb, 10 Gb, and 40 Gb Ethernet connections. You can even create rough cuts using the proxies, drastically reducing workflow production time.

Stage projects with ease

Need to prepare for an upcoming project or event? Instead of moving archived assets immediately to online storage, you can use Avid NEXIS | E5 NL for staging, enabling you to determine the assets required and then quickly and automatically move large volumes of content in one fell swoop into active production when ready.

Get the protection you need

Nothing is more valuable to your broadcast or post-production organization than your media. That’s why Avid NEXIS | E5 NL offers multiple levels of media protection—including 1-disk (RAID 5) and 2-disk (RAID 6)—to protect your prized assets like no other, so you get the 24/7 operation and reliability you need. You can also configure your system with redundant controllers and other components for added peace of mind.

Manage multiple systems

Using any web browser, you can manage and administer all of your Avid NEXIS online and nearline storage systems from anywhere, using any device. Easily configure and reallocate workspace resources on demand—including user access, group access, bandwidth limits, and capacity—with easy-to-use management tools. And keep systems running in tip-top shape with comprehensive monitoring and analysis tools.

Take control with the new UI

Avid NEXIS Management Console is a new easy-to-use, highly-responsive web-based application that makes it easier and more convenient to manage, control, and monitor Avid NEXIS systems. Aligned with the look and feel of MediaCentral | Cloud UX, this redesigned user interface offers the flexibility and security of HTML5 to provide mobile device support, enabling you to monitor and configure your system while on the go. Its Dashboard provides an overview of your system’s performance, bandwidth, and status, as well as access to configure and manage workspaces, storage groups, user access, notifications, and other functions quickly.

Take a look

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