Experience the most reliable and flexible media workflows

Optimize your media workflow

Avid NEXIS delivers performance-tuned, workflow-optimized storage, accelerating media production while ensuring high availability. It integrates into any production environment and offers flexible provisioning, making it easy to adapt to changing needs and priorities.

Unify storage tiers in a single solution

Mix and match multiple engines to create a single pool of virtualized tiered storage, eliminating storage silos. Unite media across flash, online, nearline, and archive storage—on premises or in the cloud—making it easier to find, retrieve, and repurpose content while reducing media duplication, wrangling, and costs.

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Collaborate in real time

Enable hundreds of users to connect and share media in real time—no matter what they use. In partnership with Avid, Apple, Adobe, Blackmagic Design, Autodesk, FilmLight, Grass Valley, and many other manufacturers, Avid NEXIS has been extensively tested to optimize the workflow integration with their respective creative tools.

Enable remote collaboration

Only Avid NEXIS makes remote collaboration, project prep, and bin and project sharing possible using Media Composer and Editorial Management. It expands production beyond the walls of your facility—and beyond the boundaries of other storage systems.

Simplify nearline workflows

Avid NEXIS | E5 NL streamlines the workflow with media housed on nearline storage tiers. With integrated tools for moving workspaces, you can park and stage projects on nearline storage and keep them within easy reach for rediscovery and reuse. And with on-disk proxy archive, you can instantly browse, preview, and restore content to online storage—without the delay of retrieving archived media from tape.

Gain powerful performance

With scalable disk- and flash-based storage engine options, you get the speed you need for dailies, 4K, and finishing workflows. For bandwidth-intensive color grading and VFX work, Avid NEXIS | E2 SSD delivers up to 8x greater read performance over HDDs for real-time editing.

Instantly expand Avid NEXIS storage to the cloud

Easily add cloud storage to your on-premises Avid NEXIS system to back up and park projects with Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces. This add-on service available for all Avid NEXIS systems provides 5–400 TB of cloud storage through fixed-rate plans—no credit card required—freeing up your active storage to keep production moving.

Power your media workflow in the cloud

Get the performance, reliability, and ease of use you expect from Avid NEXIS but with whole new levels of flexibility and efficiency. With Avid NEXIS | Cloud—enabled by the updated Avid NEXIS | FS file system—you can set up cloud-based online, nearline, and archive storage tiers that can be accessed from anywhere. Designed to empower greater workflow-driven media management, it enables you to optimize storage costs and performance to meet the needs of any size team or project and speed the creative workflow.

Get peace of mind with industry-proven reliability and support

Avid NEXIS delivers the utmost reliability, which is why it’s used and trusted by the biggest broadcasters, media enterprises, and post-production teams of all sizes. You also have the support of Avid’s world-class Customer Care team 24x7, so you can get help whenever, wherever, and however you need it.

Scale capacity, performance, and protection

Quickly adapt to changing needs

When project or business needs change, you can quickly adapt your system’s capacity, performance, and protection on the fly, with the ability to create workspaces that match specific project requirements. Give critical projects and high-priority teams maximum bandwidth and protection while throttling back less important workflows.

Add capacity and performance

Easily increase storage and bandwidth by adding Media Packs to a storage engine and/or adding more engines to your system. With support for up to 64 Media Packs, you can scale a system from 9.6 TB to over 7 PB of total storage—and over 25 GB/s of total bandwidth.

Manage, protect, and secure your media and workspaces

Safeguard your media

Avid NEXIS protects against single or dual drive failures, with automatic drive rebuild. You can secure media against up to five simultaneous drive failures using dual disk with media mirroring protection*. And get high availability with redundant system options that enable production to continue without interruption through a wide range of failures—even an entire storage engine.

Get the highest availability for critical workflows—NEW

For fast-turnaround, high-scale, and mission-critical productions, Avid NEXIS now offers All-Mirror protection, providing the highest availability options in the industry. Boost performance and reliability and protect your most vital media-intensive workflows against potential hardware failures with cost-effective all-mirror configurations available for Avid NEXIS | E2, E4, and E5 storage engines.

Control access with folder-level permissions

Gain more control over who can view and edit media within any given workspace. With new folder-level permissions, administrators can set user privileges for any folder within a workspace to Read Only, Read/Write, or No access, providing better security.

Easily manage your storage from anywhere

Gain great visibility into and control over your entire storage network with the easy-to-use HTML5 web-based Management Console. Easily reconfigure and reallocate resources on demand, as well as perform advanced monitoring and analysis, from any computer or mobile device.

Move media easily

Quickly copy media and workspaces between Avid NEXIS systems—or from legacy Avid ISIS storage to Avid NEXIS—with the Avid NEXIS Data Migration Utility. You can even use multiple computers to migrate workspaces in parallel, saving time.

* Please note that media mirroring is not supported with Avid NEXIS | E5 NL storage engines.

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