Nexis for Audio

No more juggling multiple storage devices or dealing with compatibility issues. Introducing the new Avid NEXIS optimized for Pro Tools, offering a collaborative, shared media storage solution for real-time media production like no other on the market.


New level of performance

New level of performance

Collaborative workflow performance for up to 4,000 audio channels per storage engine with NEXIS | F2 SSD, hundreds of connected Pro Tools users and increased stability of recording workflows for large post-
production facilities. Open and process Pro Tools sessions and files faster, have more time to create, and take on more projects. 
Proven and trusted

Proven and trusted

Avid NEXIS is designed for complex and demanding Pro Tools audio workflows. With verified performance and scalability testing across Pro Tools, Media Composer, and third-party creative workflows, it is relied on by thousands of media producers worldwide.
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The only one on the market

The only comprehensive, end-to-end media workflow solution including Pro Tools DAW, Media Composer video editor, and media optimized storage solution. Media Composer can now export native Pro Tools sessions to ease the handoff from editorial to the audio team making workflows faster and more accurate.


    • Amp up team collaboration

      Securely store your media in one place, providing simultaneous access to authorized team members. Avid NEXIS allows you to work on Pro Tools sessions of any size from a central shared storage location. This avoids the time to copy media to and from your workstation when handing off to other team members.

    • Safeguard your sessions

      Avid NEXIS safeguards your sessions and audio files with reliable disk protection, automatic drive rebuilds, and high availability. 

    • Scale as you grow

      Avid NEXIS optimized for Pro Tools offers a flexible, agile storage system that scales up or down as needed. With robust protection and high performance, it provides peace of mind and enables you to focus on delivering without worrying about storage limitations. 

    • Unify your media assets

      With a single centralized storage platform and one vendor for both audio and video projects, you can enable audio, video, and design teams to simultaneously connect, find assets, and share content, reducing time to market for content creation and delivery.

    Revolutionizing storage

    Avid NEXIS - The ultimate in sound and picture workflows
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    Revolutionizing storage
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