The biggest news and sports broadcasters choose Avid NEXIS shared storage for its collaborative workflows. See how it can accelerate your production.


    • Optimize your media workflow

      For broadcast news, sports, and live events, Avid NEXIS delivers real-time media performance, so teams can collaborate and turn around content faster. Gain access to growing footage and your media library with a reliable, scalable solution that delivers the performance and security 24/7 production demands.

    • Storage for every need

      Gain flexibility with an Avid NEXIS | FLEX software subscription, with options for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid workflows.

    Different types of NEXIS storage hardware arranged side by side

    For on-premises storage

    Mix and match Avid NEXIS | F2, F2X, and F5 engines to optimize your workflow.
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    For nearline/historical clips

    Park and archive projects and retrieve assets quickly with Avid NEXIS | F5 NL.
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    For larger productions

    Enable 10+ PB of shared storage and 330 connections with the System Director.
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        Boost collaborative efficiency

        Accelerate media production—on premises and in the cloud. Avid NEXIS eliminates bottlenecks, enabling hundreds of contributors to share media in real time to deliver breaking news and highlights faster. And when integrated with MediaCentral and/or Avid NEXIS | EDGE, it enables remote collaboration and phonetic search, so you can be first with the story.

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        Get access to more of your media

        Easily set up and move assets between multiple tiers of storage—online, nearline, and cloud—to better optimize and monetize content. Keep all your incoming, current, and historical media at your fingertips, giving you more options to create better content while eliminating the need to retrieve media from archive.

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        Streamline your production environment

        With its flexible architecture, you can store, access, and interact with your media using your favorite editing, media management, archive, automation, ingest, and playout solutions. In partnership with Apple, Adobe, Blackmagic Design, Autodesk, FilmLight, Grass Valley, and many others, Avid NEXIS has been extensively tested to optimize the workflow integration.

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        Power your workflow in the cloud

        With an Avid NEXIS | FLEX subscription, you can set up cloud-based online, nearline, and archive storage tiers that can be accessed from anywhere, providing greater production flexibility. You can even start with an on-premises system and then move your file system to the cloud whenever you're ready.

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        Gain the capacity to create without limits

        4K and 8K footage. Live feeds. IP contribution. Scale-out storage lets you expand capacity by adding Media Packs to a storage engine, or more engines to a system, without downtime. While retaining a single pool of tiered storage—with the option for high availability—so you can shoot at higher resolutions without worry.

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        Manage your storage from anywhere

        Get visibility into your entire on-premises and cloud-based storage network using your web browser to view, configure, monitor, and reallocate workspaces, storage groups, user permissions, capacity, performance, and more. And with Teams, you can isolate portions of storage for specific teams, making all workspaces, users, and groups invisible to anyone who's not part of that team.

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